(who wants a piece of chocolate?)

This tune fits the occasion. Sometime in life you’re looking after a ‘quote’ that suits the situation you’re in, either good or bad (there’s no bad, our mind according to the society we live in, consider situations to be bad). This ‘Goodmorning Sunshine’ quote came to me from the Quasimoto album called ‘The Unseen’. Once i’ve heard the track titled Goodmorning Sunshine, it stuck in my mind ever since and it’s probably the quote i use most of my days. In the morning you sure need something to kick start your day, to think for a little while, to take time with yourself so you will get your ass up and do all those things you have to do. Find your positive quotes in life, create your own if you can, but make them stand so as your energy will flow throughout the forthcoming day. Make each day different than the previews. We need to stop living on Marmota’s day. If you’re thinking of doing something, go ahead and do it. Whatcha waiting for? Becoming a 70-year-old person and think back of all the things you missed because you thought you had to do the same things each day? If you work in an office (which you probably do like many many people) stop doing the same shit each day, in the same order. Maybe it will be better to re-programme yourself each day, in the morning time. Do everyday something different to break the routine. And don’t forget to put a smile on your face. Why so serious?

I will not play for you’Goodmorning Sunshine’. Instead i chose a better and more beautiful ‘sunshine’ tune, one i always liked.