This tune fits the occasion. Not the first time that Uncle Snoop returns with a funky tune (thumbs up to Pharell for that) and Uncle Charlie on additional vocals (the classic feel on the tune). It’s bitches filled with cream this time (again) , or better (so as not to offend people) Peaches & Cream. The man is back with a new album and this is the first tune to hit the airwaves and clubs accross the globe for the summer. Looks like we got lots of funky tunes this year, lots of disco and old-school style that helps us DJs combine classic and new tunes on our DJ sets without feeling that we’re playing oldies. The nu school is the old-school, we know that, we feel well about it, i prefer nowadays to be a ‘teacher’ than a ‘student’. Or maybe be a preacher of music and play feel good vibes and tunes to cheer people up! ‘Nough said, listen to new Snoop tune.