Sunset In Ioannina Lake (Spring 2014) * all rights reserved

This tune fits the occasion. Being a music junkie means that i am a music digger, I like to listen to old records, to find where the sample came from. It is nice to listen to original music, feels much better than the covers or the tunes that are made from oldies. Original composition always has something to say to a man’s soul, speaks to the heart, cause it’s the artist that speaks directly through his mind, to other human mind. If you make a cover of it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be bad, sometimes it is better. But the inspiration is what makes something different than anything else. The copycats will always be there, maybe some will make bigger money, but that’s not the point. Music is above all this. At least original musicians, not the ones that sit on a studio and say “Now, let’s make some money, let’s create a hit. Have a listen to other hits and choose what we can copy best. Then the radio will play it because it is similar to this No.1 tune!” I’ve been in this position in my life, many times and to be honest and i never really enjoyed it to the full. I even myself made covers of older songs and it didn’t feel right at the end, cause after all it’s not original. That’s why i prefer listening to originality. It’s what makes sence by the end of the day. Different people, different cultures meet and take their mind to another level. Be original in your life and it will reward you to the max.

*i don’t know how it all came up in mind listening to the Gap Band!!!