This tune fits the occasion. A friend told me that St.Germain releases a new album and i went over the internet to look for it at once. It’s been 15 years since his last release and i think that this is a serious comeback for the music lovers. St.Germain’ third studio album is set for release in October. Till then we have the chance to listen to his new single ‘Real Blues’ a percussion-driven track layered with the smooth vocals of blues legend Lightnin’ Hopkins. Seems like we got lots of Blues remixes and reinventions this year (if you look up to The Avener – It serves you right to suffer with the vocals of John Lee Hooker, you know what i mean). As i’m thinking about it, Blues is the only genre that hasn’t been retouched by remixers , like never, so maybe now it’s time for the world to discover it. It’s not a mainstream genre, but mostly for music junkies or vinyl addicts but you’ll never know when it can break the internet or the charts. Let’s wait and see how the music industry will respond to the reinventions of some Blues classics. Till then, enjoy St.Germain (hopefully we’ll be enjoying this tune all summer long!) It sounds like an instant classic.