Thank You for helping me reach my 100 ‘#Listen According To The #Weather’ posts goal!

This tune fits the occasion. Today we’re celebrating 100 posts of ‘#Listen According To The #Weather’. This was an idea that came up to me on September 2014, when i started the official nickzois.com and i wanted something special, something different. I used this title as a reminder that things in life find their way. So if you listen to some music each day, according to the weather (ex. the sadness of the first drops of rain in Fall, or the happiness that summer starts and we gotta celebrate it) then life gets better. You put yourself in the mood you wanna be accompanied by sounds that fit you at that moment. It’s kind of a music-therapy for everyone. That’s mine. It took lots of different kinds of music, lots of hours listening and experimenting with new sounds and too much searching through my record and cd collection.

I may not post those too much on facebook, but the 100 pages that got created here as ‘#Listen According To The #Weather’, finally reach the end. This is the bottomline, as the goal was to reach 100 posts on this section till Summer. It was one of those personal goals that concern music, writing, blogging, photography and many more that you may read on the posts.

Thank you very much if you were reading this column and i hope to see you coming back here as new things are on the way and you don’t wanna miss them.

Now, with this 100th post of #Listen According To The #Weather, let’s celebrate Summer and 1st of June , with some crazy dancing moves that are the funkiest of any music tv programme ever made. A quick bite of rhythm from James Brown with the dancers of ‘Soul Train’ making their moves. Don Cornelius too!