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Short Bio

Yo! If i had to put titles, i call myself radio personality and presenter, DJ, producer, music editor and music enthusiast. After all,

I Am A Music Junkie


Started my radio career as a radio pirate in Ioannina, but soon (when i became 14 y.o.) hosted my own show (1990-1993) on a local radio station, 1o kanali (Best Of Slow at night and Power Mix during the day).  Then came Top Fm for a year, but university studies made me move to Thessaloniki.  After too much partying around (and lots of studying), at 1997 Kiss Fm Thessaloniki became me new radio home where i hosted high ratings shows for 6 years (plus many many more!). Moving to Athens was a greater step in life back in 2003, and found a radio home at Kiss Fm Athens broadcasting to a bigger audience where i had some highlights in my career, presenting Brit Awards on 2004 live, Mtv shows for radio broadcasting, Olympics 2004, and even more. I ‘ve interviewed many artists along the way and the continuous passion for music made me move a step forward. On 2005 Planet 99.5 radio was my home for a year, where i’ve been delivering at night, an rnb and hip-hop show. Then came an afternoon show for Rythmos Fm. In 2007 i started collaborating with Athens Deejay, having some fun and great times throughout. Till February 2016 i’ve been hosting the No.1 afternoon radio show, Top 13, with the highest ratings on radio stations accross Athens.

Then, till August 2021 you could listen On-Air on 92.9 Kiss , Monday to Friday, 17:00 – 20:00 with all the radio excitement and each Saturday 12:00 – 14:00 presenting the Official Kiss Fm Top 30. 92.9 Kiss (Kiss Fm) is on-air since 1993. Since 2017 i’ve been the voice over artist for sweepers and trailers & from Nov. 2016 till Sept. 2020 i was directing, posting, curating all the radio’s social media platforms with innovative ideas, music oriented posts that strategically appeal to the audience, while curating online all the advertised events inhouse and outdoors.

NOW (September 2022) I’m back to 95.2 Athens Deejay . I will lead you through all the positive vibes through the midday, listen to my live radio show 12:00 – 14:00.

Since October 2015 (till Februrary 2020) i was radio programmer and music director of Abbey Road Radio, the online radio station of Abbey Road Corner & Pepe Jeans Store.

Also i’m happy to have created the two music stations ‘Rocabella Radio‘ (chill & pool) that will follow you while you explore the beautiful island of Santorini, during your visit at the Rocabella Santorini Hotel & Spa.


The love of music and delivering it to the audience was the beggining of the DJ era, back in 1995 and since i’ve been making great Dj sets, combining them with promotion tour & events with huge sponsors (Cosmote, Swatch, Mini Cooper, Red Bull, Fanta, Jose Cuervo, Jagermeister, Shark energy drink, Doritos, Pepe Jeans and more) and many concept sets along the way. The last 4 years i’m also providing my dj set for the finals of Hellenic Match Racing Tour (HMRT). Either resident or guest DJ, my goal is for people to enjoy music, enjoy life.

Record Labels

The experience extends, working some years with independent record labels Powerplay Music & Planetworks, as A&R, compiler and music producer. In productions and releases you can count the duo Funkytears (with Dj Mcd), on ‘Hello’ (Lionel Richie) and ‘You’ (Ten Sharp), both disco dance covers. Under the nickname Nu Zwiggy, i released on Warner Music Greece ‘Hey Deejay’ and ‘Sexy & Stoned’. Moreover you can find some collaborations inlcuding Zac F (My Land Of Lust), Alex Leon (Sunshine), Dj Mcd (The Light).

*I’ve been also working on TV , providing music for The Kardasians (Ant1), It’s Show time (Open TV Beyond).

That’s just a short bio – story to be told. There’s so much more among the years, there’s so many more projects that i’m involved to, many collaborations, more that happened-happening-will happen! Follow me on social media 4 more.

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