This tune fits the occasion. Past memories came in mind…. alongside present.

Seems like those are strange days, with strange people around, unreal. They eat themselves from within. There are wolves and sheep around , the wolves trying to find something to eat and maybe attack to ease the hunger and the sheep always confront to the life they think they’ve been given. In life there aren’t many paths to follow and many choose a fake one. Because gold seems to glitter. Well, not everything that glitters is gold. That’s one thing for sure! The ugliness that surrounds us, sometimes glitters. If you wanna tell real from fake, just close your eyes for a moment and think. Think of the past, when you were little and you would only go for what you wanted. What you really wanted! This will give you the answer to who you are today. Don’t blind yourself with words and huge speaches. Take into consideration the little things. Cause that’s what matters. The big things are a conclusion of the little things. So , if you don’t pay attention then you’ll never know the difference. If you pay attention closely, now you know. Follow the path that leads you to happiness not misery. Throw away everything that tries to bring negativity in you. And believe me there are lots of that kind that don’t worth our attention. Not even a blink. Small people. It’s a pity that we’re blinded by the lights. Let them do what they think they’re doing best and let yourself do what you do best. Don’t cross paths. Meet only with the ones that will take you one step further.

Take one step further to be human, to be real… to be you. Nothing else matters.

Double ….