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Triple #TuneOfTheWeek & the last for #Summer2017


If you can’t decide what to choose for the tune of the week and it is your last for the summer, you just put it all together and everything flows the right way!

Purple Disco Machine is one of my favorite house producers the last years, and i think that everytime he drops something, you just put it in the mix! He’s got an awesome groove to his releases and remixes, but his latest tune ‘Body Funk’ is definitely one of the greatest dancefloor anthems that will remind us of summer 2017, the years to come! Music makes you lose control…


Calvin Harris just dropped his latest album ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1’ where he collaborates on vocals with almost everyone on the scene, at the moment! Since ‘Slide’ came out, i knew i had a favorite for 2017. But then another one got released and another one…. And then ‘Feels’. Calvin Harris is the producer that doesn’t stick to his reputation for one or two hits, he is the producer that releases music that we always have the pleasure of listening to. His albums are a pleasure and excitement for new music and new vibes. That’s why he is one of the most significant producers in UK at the moment. Don’t be afraid to catch Feels…


Closed Paradise is a one of a kind DJ and producer. In times when technology has made a DJ’s job simply pushing a button, Closed Paradise chooses to stick to classic methods and brings out vinyl to every show. DJing since the age of 15 and inspired by legends like Derrick May, Joe Claussell and Moodymann, his selection and mixing are skillful, dexterous and heartfelt. (from his bio in facebook) This tune ‘Praise’ is the song that you want to listen to when the sun comes down and you’re at your favorite beach enjoying the sunset. Or maybe while you’re driving on chill mode (again during the sunset). Choose the scene you adore and Praise…


This is my last Tune Of The Week for summer 2017. I need to get some rest from blogging and generally from everything. Let’s all enjoy summer and hopefully i’ll be back with more tunes soon… That’s not a promise, i wrote hopefully. Maybe this is the last tune of the week EVER, maybe something new will come out from September. Since then enjoy all my mixes here, all the tune of the week sections, the new music friday and many more. It was a pleasure that you were reading along the way. It was a pleasure in general that we enjoyed this music trip together all those years, you don’t really know how much this means for me.  Thank You!

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The #TuneOfTheWeek is on Fire! We got ‘Everything Now’


It seems that the indie-rock bands love the groove and the new releases prove it! Arcade Fire are back with a disco-driven tune, with Abba-reminisce strings, with a groove that you can dance and slide over, a great choir and some lyrics that we really adore. They talk about how real life and how people believe they have and enjoy everything, when in fact it’s a driven world we live in. I really love the part:

“Every song that I’ve ever heard
Is playing at the same time, it’s absurd
And it reminds me, we’ve got everything now
We turn the speakers up till they break
‘Cause every time you smile it’s a fake
Stop pretending, you’ve got… Everything now”

On May 31, the band released the lead single “Everything Now” from their fifth album, on 12″ vinyl, selling it at a merchandise stall at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona which they headlined. A day later, a mysterious live stream “Live From Death Valley” was launched and the band released a music video for the song, appearing to have been shot in Death Valley, California.

Turn the speakers up (as they say on the lyrics) and enjoy the tune of the week!

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‘Summer Girl’ is not another #TuneOfTheWeek It’s my summer tune!


When Jamiroquai dropped “Automaton”, i knew somehow it would play on repeat. But, this is not an album that has only one or two, or maybe three good singles. Each track is great! The whole feeling of the album is disco driven and sounds like it’s written on another era. Like it was put in a capsule or something! This kind of music seemed to extinguish from the scene lately, but apparently we are wrong! It was all in Jay Kay’s head and turned into lyrics and music. All singles, one by one, describes different feelings, every one has it’s own vibe that leads you to an era, reminder of disco music that got released late 70s or early 80s.

“Summer Girl” is one of the tracks that grows on you. You got to press replay once, twice and maybe more. Here i have to say, that music (in general) is a feeling and you have to let it grow. If the music and the lyrics are right, then the feeling gets bigger and better! And it doesn’t fade away, because… that’s what music is all about! Here’s my ultimate summer track so… turn the volume up & enjoy (…and dance!)


I know that Jamiroquai just released their third video from the album, for “Superfresh” which is one of the most uplifting tracks that you will find on “Automaton” and probably one of the first tracks that got stuck in my head! Enjoy that too… loud! It’s Superfresh!

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Summer Sessions 2017 mixtape


Summer Sessions 2017
…is a volume 2 added to the “nite and day summer 2017 mixtape” . Uploaded with some of the vibes i like to dance to, it fits better to my summer of 2017. Turn the volume up and dance to the current hits (and some of my greatest beats that i play on my Dj sets). Enjoy, share and let the sunshine in, through summer 2017.


Disciples – On My Mind
Duke Dumont & Gorgon City – Real Life
Jamiroquai – Cloud 9 (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Purple Disco Machine – Body Funk
Nerio’s Dubwork feat. Darryl Pandy – Sunshine & Happiness
Danniel selfmade – You Beats
Breach feat. Andreya Triana – Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)
Sam Divine, Curtis Gabriel feat. Nat Conway – Confessions
Roog, Dennis Quin feat. Berget Lewis – Igohart
Sonny Fodera feat. Alex Mills – Always Gonna Be (Low Steppa Remix)
Man Without A Clue – The Riff 
Kevin McKay & J Paul Getto – What U Want (Siege Remix)
Bohannon – Let’s Start II Dance Again (JTV Corvette Dub)
Joeski – Blackbird (Gorgon City Remix)

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This is the ultimate #summer2017 club banger. #Cola is the #TuneOfTheWeek Turn The Volume Up!


When i first heard this tune, i put it on my ‘listen again’ list. And i did play it once more, and once more…. and by playing it again and again i figured out that this tune has such a house groove that if i listened to it on a club, i would drive myself crazy and my feet wouldn’t stop moving. Read below, what Defected Records write about ‘Cola’:

‘Cola’ had barely touched the ground when tastemakers’ ears were pricking up across the board. Having become a byword for quality house music, remaining at the #1 Beatport spot for over a month with their last record, the name CamelPhat and the cult status of the mysterious duo behind it become realised to their fullest with this track. Combining lush, saturated beats with Elderbrook’s crystalline voice which elevates and equalises, ‘Cola’ is an exquisitely sophisticated firecracker. Already snapped up by Danny Howard as his Hottest Record on Radio 1 and championed by the likes of MK, Solomun and Sam Divine, the track demonstrates the full strength of CamelPhat’s unique style and takes them into the upper echelons of today’s finest producers.

This is the Tune Of The Week … which i call the ultimate club banger for summer 2017. Turn the volume up and enjoy ‘Cola’ from Camelphat & Elderbrook.


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Midnight Summer Tales #mixtape


Midgnight Summer Tales
this is a mixtape that occured to me on a Sunday afternoon, while i was sipping my tequila on a hot summer day. I wanted to chill down the pace, wanted to put myself in a position to cool things down so i started digging my records and listening to much much music. Digging your music is always a therapy for the mind, body and soul. This is the outcome of this whole search, those tunes that i’d like to share with you for your chillin’ pleasure. Enjoy music, enjoy summer, enjoy a glass of tequila (or two!)


DJ Krush feat. Kazufumi Kodama – Day’s End
George Benson – Use Me
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Everytime I’m With You
Jamiroquai – Talullah
Bruno Mars – Our First Time
Simply Red – Night Nurse
Lisa Stansfield – In All The Right Places
Womack & Womack – Life’s Just a Ball Game
D’Angelo – Smooth
Cannonball Adderley – Dancing in the Dark
BeBe & CeCe Winans – Love of My Life
Will Downing – Fantasy (spending time with you)
Incognito – Something ‘Bout July
Simply Red – Come To My Aid
UB40 – Food for thought
Lenny Kravitz – Freedom Train
Alex Clare – Damn Your Eyes
George Benson – Breezin’
The Crusaders with Bill Withers – Soul Shadows
MFSB – My Mood
Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)
Sergio Mendes – Comin’ Home Baby
Grover Washington, Jr. – Making Love to You

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Rihanna gives us #WildThoughts on new DJ Khaled #TuneOfTheWeek with a Santana sample


It seems that DJ Khaled is having some of the greatest hits this summer. This time with a little help from Rihanna and Bryson Tiller and a sample from the 10 weeks No.1 single “Maria Maria”, from Santana & Product G&B. This is another release from the ‘Grateful’ album that is full of featuring artists and is out 23rd of June. I don’t need to say much for the tune of the week, you just press play, realize that you’re already dancing to a well-known tune from Santana and watch & listen to Rihanna get sexy again!

The sample from the No.1 single “Maria, Maria”, played by Carlos Santana.

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Summer Hits 2017 are updated! It’s #NewMusicFriday and we enjoy more music


It seems that nothing’s stopping the new releases coming out, for summer 2017. As i’ve noted in a previous post here, songs, releases and new summer music came later this year than usually expected. We keep listening to some of the greatest artists plus newest names in music business, delivering some great tunes to listen to. So let’s see, what’s going on this Friday?

Enjoy these 8 new tunes loud! You’ll love this new music.

  • The Killers – The Man : “funkier than anything we’ve ever done before,” Brandon Flowers said. This is the first single from their forthcoming 5th album. And it’s sounds Huge!
  • Queens of the Stone Age – The Way You Used to Do : Nobody would expect Mark Ronson to produce the comeback for the Queens Of The Stone Age. ‘Villains’, the band’s forthcoming seventh album, is expected to drop soon. Let’s Rock…
  • Kadebostany – Mind If I Stay (Addal Remix) : Here’s an interesting new release, especially for radio audience in Greece, who really love Kadebostany sound. ‘Monumnetal (Chapter Ι) EP’ is here and their first single has an excellent remix.
  • Calvin Harris – Feels feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean : We go crazy with this new ultimate summer funky sound that is dropped every time Calvin releases a new single. It is so groovy that you wanna run to the nearest beach bar, order 2-3 cocktails at once and start dancing. His fifth studio album is released 30th of June.
  • Cris Cab – All Of The Girls feat. Pitbull : The ‘Liar Liar’ singer is back  with a little help from Pitbull (who seems to be unstoppable, featured everywhere!) This tune is as summerish as we want it.
  • Major Lazer – Know No Better feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo : To be honest, i used to listen to Major Lazer before they got as cheesy as they sound nowadays. But the thing is that the hype is so strong and tunes like this one, will go everythwere, cause it’s catchy, Camila Cabello is becoming huge and that sound seems to be No.1 on teenagers. So, hit that hit!
  • Duke Dumont x Gorgon City – Real Life feat. Naations : Since day one, when ‘The Giver’ got released, i consider Duke Dumont to be a great producer and DJ. He delivers so smoothly the 90s house music scene on today’s audience! I love it. On the other hand Gorgon City are a great duo (played their album non-stop last year) and this collaboration feels so uplifting. Naations deliver bright pop vocals to make the tune sound so catchy and remind us next year, of summer 2017.
  • Robin Schulz – OK feat. James Blunt : OK! James Blunt after the ‘You’re Beautiful’ success has had so many releases, but none of them hit the airwaves as it was supposed to. This collaboration with the remixer that knows how to make a pop dance hit record is what he needed to get on track again.


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TheWeeknd knows your #Secrets on the 80s inspired #TuneOfTheWeek . What does he sample?


‘Starboy’ is one of the greatest releases of 2016 , a mixture of pop, rnb, electronica, hip-hop and many other genres. The Weeknd is the ultimate pop star at this point (among others) and with hits like ‘Starboy’, ‘I feel it coming’, ‘False Alarm’, ‘Sidewalks’ etc… he’s got an album that almost sounds like a greatest hits compilation.

It was about time he released this particular single, called ‘Secrets’ (as i’ve noted here in a past ‘New Music Friday’ post), one of his perfect pop moments. He uses a music sample from Tears For Fears ‘Pale Shelter’ and another classic on the chorus, from The Romantics ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ , almost like a 2 in 1 song, with a summer vibe (and a perfect reference to the 80s sound).

Turn the volume up and enjoy it loud (video also looks awesome!)

Listen below and discover the original tunes that he uses samples from:

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Turn the volume UP and enjoy: Nite & Day Summer 2017 mixtape


It’s summertime , my favorite time of year and i got some great tunes in my bag. This mix starts in a completely mainstream mood… but wait for it! Apart from the mainstream hits you’ll listen to some hot house banger tunes for your music and dancing pleasure. The beat goes on and on till the end. Enjoy it loud & have a nice summer-summer-summertime 😉

Press Play

The tracklisting for ‘Nite & Day Summer 2017 mixtape’ is:

Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me (GeoAna Deep Remix)
Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj – Swish Swish
Boiler & Redondo feat. Dana Sipos – Untangled
Sandy Rivera – Long Time Coming
Todd Terry – Nite and Day
Gorillaz feat. Jehnny Beth – We Got The Power (Claptone Remix)
Funky People feat. Cassio Ware – Funky People
Drake feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith – Get It Together
Notte & Vijay feat. Sofia Zlatko – Earth Groove
Freiboitar – Shine In The Night
Purple Disco Machine – Body Funk
Sonny Fodera feat. Alex Mills – Always Gonna Be (Low Steppa Remix)
Jamiroquai – Cloud 9 (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Claptone Feat. George Kranz – The Drums (Din Daa Daa)
Mason – Rhino
Stormzy – Shut Up (Sonny Fodera Remix)