FRUKT on Brands: Popular French dance act Daft Punk, fresh from working on the Tron movie soundtrack, have teamed up with Coca-Cola on a limited-edition bottle design and a new advert.

The duo have developed two minimalistic bottles for the brand, bringing their distinctive style to the Club Coke campaign, which has seen other music acts – including Justice and Mika – applying their own blend of creativity to the iconic bottle.

The bottles, designed to emulate the trademark silver and gold helmets the electronic act are never seen without, will go on sale in March 2011. The limited edition designs will be housed in a collectable case and sold exclusively through Colette in Paris.

Daft Punk have also developed music for a new commercial that will be officially realised on March 4 on French radio and TV.

However, a teaser version has been made available online on Coca-Cola’s French YouTube channel. The clip showcases a brief black & white video of the dance duo and a preview of the forthcoming audio track.

An accompanying website,, is set to launch shortly.

By Giles Fitzgerald (article taken from