I’ve been listening to De La Soul since day 1. Being a teenager in the eighties and growing up with their sound means a lot to me, especially thinking back in the day to so many other acts that were around. Maybe they’re responsible in a way, for my love for hip-hop, beats, rhymes and the fact that i love being a DJ, playing different sounds, discovering music and taking things to a higher lever for my audience.


It was soooo good for De La Soul that their Kickstarter campaign was one of the most successful ever. This shows that people still love original hip-hop , the old school way (as we use to say). De La Soul delivered a new track yesterday through their soundcloud account and they’re givin’ it for free. They wrote:

“While busy at work, we also like to play! This song is not from the new album, but an indication of the good music to come… Just a little appetizer until we complete the main course. You may recognize our featured guest. Enjoy.”