So there was a G20 meeting 2 days ago. We couldn’t have possibly known what the fuss is all about, as we are only going to read the statements that they will provide to TV, Radio, Newspapers & news blogs. What the world needs now is definitely the opposite to what those world leaders discuss about. There is no solution to the problems that appeared the last decades and it seems that nobody is gonna do something soon. Because they are not actual problems, they are manufactured by humans for humans. Some day everything can be stopped, not paused and not rewind to the past (because that was what brought as here). We really need to see our future as human kind and it should be brighter, with hope that there will be next generations who should be growing up without fear or hopeless.

I chose 5 songs that should have been played on the G20 playlist before the meeting, if that ever existed!

Those 2 to make them aware of the fact that we are all the same on this planet, they have nothing different from any other human on earth except the part that they’re being paid in millions to make decisions on their countries. But money is a human creation after all. Let it flow for everyone or not.

This one is supposed to be after a recent UK research, the best feel-good song composed the last decades. So let’s put the G20 in the mood with some fun music.

But wait, after so much dancing and fun, do they feel alright with their decisions? Are they happy? Well, playing this Moby tune sometimes makes you wonder why you feel bad and try to find the answers to the question.

Now that the G20 answers appeared in the air on the question ‘Why does my heart feel so bad?’ let’s remind them why the humanity shouldn’t self destruct in the next years. Let’s notice some points here, Maxi Jazz tells a true story.

Now you can continue with your G20 meeting.