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Turn the volume UP and enjoy: Nite & Day Summer 2017 mixtape


It’s summertime , my favorite time of year and i got some great tunes in my bag. This mix starts in a completely mainstream mood… but wait for it! Apart from the mainstream hits you’ll listen to some hot house banger tunes for your music and dancing pleasure. The beat goes on and on till the end. Enjoy it loud & have a nice summer-summer-summertime 😉

Press Play

The tracklisting for ‘Nite & Day Summer 2017 mixtape’ is:

Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me (GeoAna Deep Remix)
Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj – Swish Swish
Boiler & Redondo feat. Dana Sipos – Untangled
Sandy Rivera – Long Time Coming
Todd Terry – Nite and Day
Gorillaz feat. Jehnny Beth – We Got The Power (Claptone Remix)
Funky People feat. Cassio Ware – Funky People
Drake feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith – Get It Together
Notte & Vijay feat. Sofia Zlatko – Earth Groove
Freiboitar – Shine In The Night
Purple Disco Machine – Body Funk
Sonny Fodera feat. Alex Mills – Always Gonna Be (Low Steppa Remix)
Jamiroquai – Cloud 9 (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Claptone Feat. George Kranz – The Drums (Din Daa Daa)
Mason – Rhino
Stormzy – Shut Up (Sonny Fodera Remix)


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Why 30 years after its’ release, this is one of the best albums made


One of the greatest artists that started his promising career at the 80s is Terence Trent D’Arby. When “Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’Arby” was released in 1987, it blew our mind! I was only 11 years old and still remember that each and every song was heard on the radio non-stop, from almost each radio station (at the time available). The energy tha came out of him was like Wow! His voice is deep and at the time you could only make a comparison to the godfather James Brown himself. The funk, the soul, the rhythm, music, lyrics, composition, everything on this album sounds perfect! I listened to it, before i decided to write this article and i think that if it got released today, it would be so innovative for its’ sound. It is flawless from each and every aspect.

The album gained a Grammy award, Brit Award and it sold a million copies within the first three days of going on sale. That was huge!!!

But , the thing with Terence Trent D’Arby at the time, was that he sounded as big as Michael Jackson and Prince , who ruled the eighties with their releases. He was a new artist coming out as big as he could be and his live performances were also incomparable.

I don’t want to get into the gossip of the whole story of Terence Trent D’Arby, it’s the music that matters and the feeling it gives you while listening to it. You can check him out under the name Sananda Maitreya nowadays. He keeps releasing music, not under a huge label, but never stopped, never gave up what he’s doing best.


  1. “If You All Get to Heaven”
  2. “If You Let Me Stay”
  3. “Wishing Well”
  4. “I’ll Never Turn My Back on You (Father’s Words)”
  5. “Dance Little Sister”
  6. “Seven More Days”
  7. “Let’s Go Forward”
  8. “Rain” – 2:58
  9. “Sign Your Name”
  10. “As Yet Untitled”
  11. “Who’s Loving You”
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Friday April 21st : Prince Tribute @ ΦΟΥΑΡ


Purple Night // Prince Tribute

Παρασκευή 21 Απριλίου: Ένας χρόνος χωρίς τον Prince

O Prince Rogers Nelson (7 Ιουνίου 1958 – 21 Απριλίου 2016), ήταν γνωστός ως ανανεωτής για το εκλεκτικό έργο, τη σκηνική παρουσία και για την ευρεία φωνητική του γκάμα. Τραγουδιστής, τραγουδοποιός, ηθοποιός, multi-intrumentalist, ο Prince ήταν πρωτοπόρος του Minneapolis sound με τη μουσική του να συνδυάζει rock, R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop, disco, jazz, pop αλλά και ψυχεδέλεια.

Έχει πουλήσει πάνω από 100 εκατ. δίσκους παγκοσμίως και συγκαταλέγεται στους κορυφαίους καλλιτέχνες όλων των εποχών έχοντας κερδίσει επτά Grammy Awards, ένα American Music Award, Χρυσή Σφαίρα αλλά κι Όσκαρ για το ‘Purple Rain’.

Το βράδυ της Παρασκευής 21 Απριλίου, ετοιμαζόμαστε για ένα purple party, όπως θα έκανε ο partyman που ωθούσε πάντα το κοινό του να χορέψει!

Ο ραδιοφωνικός παραγωγός, DJ & music blogger, Νίκος Ζώης ( θα βρεθεί στα decks του Φουάρ, με ένα Purple DJ set που περιλαμβάνει επιλογές από όλη τη δισκογραφία του Prince.
Get Ready for a Purple Night

Η πόρτα ανοίγει στις 22:00 / είσοδος ελεύθερη
Door opens at 22:00 / Free entrance
ΦΟΥΑΡ stage
Mητροπόλεως 72 & Χριστοπούλου 6, 1ος όροφος, Μοναστηράκι (Καπνικαρέα) T: +30 210 3211381


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8 tunes for your #FeelGoodFriday feeling


So, let’s Feel Good… it’s Friday!

I managed to put some more Groove on my morning playlist , that i’m sharing with you today to make you feel good too. Enjoy the day and listen to the music. Those selections offer a unique sound to the listeners and an enjoyment within. They also make you wanna move your body, which is an exciting feeling too. Turn the volume up and enjoy life.

Raul Midon is an excellent musician and this one is my uplifting mood morning tune.

I bet that this collaboration between Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX , caught your attention. If not, have a listen it’s a great deep tune.

The beat, the mood, everything in this classic tune is timeless.

I liked this at first play. It’s slo mo , smooth, sexy . Love it!

Purple Disco Machine is one of the greatest remixers. He’s too busy lately releasing music and making great remixes. I bet this year, more people from the mainstream audience will get to know more of his music.

This is a classic disco groovy tune, delivered from Moby.

I think Gregory Porter is one of the greatest singers in this decade. The moment that Claptone remixed ‘Liquid Spirit’, was the moment i was looking for a great remix to play on my dj set, it was hard to find a proper one. And it worked out perfectly cause since the release i’ve been listening and playing this tune everywhere.

Boosty… nothing else to say. Watch out for the sample, it’s so 80s!

One of my favorite producers and DJs of the last decade is Duke Dumont. Catchy and groovy releases and every time one step ahead. The remix that Skream made on this No.1 club anthem ‘Need U 100%’ is iconic.

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#BRITs2017 Winners are here

It was a glamorous night at 02 arena for the 37th Brit Awards.  Dermot O’Leary and Emma Willis presented the ceremony and it was an exciting night! Little Mix opened the show, with their No.1 hit ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, surrounded by dancers wearing  or painted in silver.

The Live performances were all awesome! It was a great show throughout the night at 02 arena, with Bruno Mars hitting the stage, performing his new single ‘That’s What I Like’. Other live acts include Emeli Sande on ‘Hurts’ (such a great vocal performance!), The 1975 with ‘The Sound’ really smashed it, with lots of messages going through our screen as if someone had taken control over the Brits!

There was also a really tearful moment where Andrew Ridgeley alongside Pepsi & Shirlie started talking about George Michael and how Wham! started their career. They delivered a wonderful speach about their friend. It became too sentimental as memories from all three came out and after that Chris Martin took the stage to perform ‘A Different Corner’. Great live performance with George Michael images and videos on the background, but also combined with his voice on the whole act. Like a piece of art, as it was supposed to be and comparing to the GRAMMYs, much better and not comparable to Adele’s performance! That was on another level.

Other live acts included Katy Perry featuting Skip Marley on their new single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ , though there seemed to be some problems at the beggining with Katy’s in-ear. The king of Grime took over the stage after a little while, Skepta. He performed ‘Shutdown’.

A surprise happened on the stage next! It was Chainsmokers & Coldplay who played for the very first time their new single (and unexpected collaboration) ‘Something Just Like This’. I don’t know, but it could be a future top 5 hit! Maybe a #No1!

But one of the definite hightlights of the night was Ed Sheeran. He started singing ‘Castle On The Hill’ (Wow!) and his no.1 world hit ‘Shape Of You’. He was joined for a rap verse by Stormzy and the crowd (me also) went crazy! That was something really unexpected, though he warned us that it would be a different out-of-the-box performance. And they really smashed Brits 2017!

Robbie Williams, the icon of Brits 2017, closed the show with a small medley of his latest tunes. It was ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’, with ‘Love My Life’ and ‘Mixed Signals’. Robbie’s has won 18 Brit Awards till now and he is one of the greatest superstars ever in UK.

So… after this short reference to the BRITs 2017 show , here are the winners:

British Female Solo Artist: Emeli Sande

British Male Solo Artist: David Bowie

British Group: The 1975

British Breakthrough Award: Rag’N’Bone Man

British Single: Little Mix “Shout Out To My Ex” (first trophy for the girl group, from their fourth album!)

Global Success Award: Adele “25” (already sold 20 million albums and one of the most successful artists of 21st century)

International Male Award: Drake

International Female Award: Beyonce

International Group: A Tribe Called Quest (wow!!!)

British Artist Video Of The Year: One Direction – History (i gotta note at this point that Simon Cowell presented the award… aka the man who definitely ‘bought’ the award for the boys, who he made and put money on, as he is their mentor and manager… such a pity for pop music industry, or maybe a genius at least for his pocket. Future will tell!)

British Album Of The Year: David Bowie – Blackstar 

Brits Critic’s Choice: Rag’N’Bone Man

Brits ICON award: Robbie Williams

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This is personal : The Art of Music


This is personal. This is what this blog is all about. Moreover, the social activity is something that so few people know or realize. This is personal.

It is a journey in time, where the art of music is revealed. Through this art that others offer to the world, i reveal my thoughts, love, anger, opinion and many many more feelings that are inside my soul. This is personal and from the very beggining it was supposed to be like this. I don’t know if i’m good at conversations, cannot judge that. What i know is that i speak through music to all the people following here, this blog and my social networks.

I don’t do politics, don’t even like criticizing everything that happens. Many things happen nowadays or at least the blogs, newsrooms, tv stations, radio stations and the whole internet say so. We live in a world that is surrounded each and every minute from useless information. The worst scenario is that we get addicted to this useless info we’re receiving and as years go by, it is even harder to describe the true meaning of all those things.

So i choose Art. Better said, the Art of Music.  Music through the decades is revealing and transfering much information, though people don’t really get it. If you get stuck into pop music alone, then you’re definitely screwed. We should broaden our mind, pay more attention to the lyrics, listen closely to the music played. Those are nice stories, many of them real! It takes time to do all this and i know that in the world we live in, time is so precious. But i prefer to do that exact thing and share it with the whole world. Sharing music with an audience (wherever it may be, or wherever you can find them) is the best thing in life for me. It’s a soul desire to share with everyone, it’s feelings written all over.

Why am i writing this article? Because the few people that are going to pay some attention and read this, will realize who i am, what i do. It is better to try, than to not try at all. At least… it feels like i’m sharing something with you each and every time. Which is not only the music, the titles, the artists, it is the whole thing. It ‘s the conversation that i’m trying to start with the people. That is the way i speak to the world. Through music. Not many realize this , but now you know.

Apart from all the information collected and revealed because of my proffessional point of view, there is always a way to speak to you.

Thank you all those years for being here, i will do my best to keep delivering all that inner me and always keep trying to do it with the best tunes i discover, listen to or dig from the past. Listen to the music. Don’t let it just pass by or be a part of a night out.

Thank you…

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Ed Sheeran with “Castle On The Hill” is the #TuneOfTheWeek Here’s Why!?


There is a reason for me , this is the best of his two both released singles. But it’s a completely personal matter, it’s from my point of view in life.

I mean, the ‘Castle On The Hill’ lyrics may refer to people of my age that might reminisce some days from the past or previous decades. That fact has an absolute logical explanation as we grow up and everybody we meet, at some point choose a different path in life but there are always memories stuck in the head. Memories that appear as postcards from the past, or video projection.

That Ed Sheeran song brings back so many memories of younger age that are similar to the lyrics i hear. It’s an absolute classic. Watch the video and read the lyrics below, and then maybe you’ll get the meaning.

Lyrics to “Castle On The Hill”

When I was six years old I broke my leg
I was running from my brother and his friends
And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down
I was younger then, take me back to when I…
Found my heart and broke it here
Made friends and lost them through the years
And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I’ve grown
But I can’t wait to go home
I’m on my way
Driving at ninety down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
Fifteen years old and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes
Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends
Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don’t reckon that I did it right
But I was younger then, take me back to when…
We found weekend jobs, when we got paid
We’d buy cheap spirits and drink them straight
Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we’ve grown
But I can’t wait to go home
I’m on my way
Driving at ninety down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
One friend left to sell clothes
One works down by the coast
One had two kids but lives alone
One’s brother overdosed
One’s already on his second wife
One’s just barely getting by
But these people raised me and I can’t wait to go home
And I’m on my way, I still remember
This old country lanes
When we did not know the answers
And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
Over the castle on the hill
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This is my new #mixtape “Everybody (Get On The Floor)” Turn the volume up & enjoy!


Everybody Get On The Floor!

Sounds like a wish for 2017, for every single person on earth to keep on dancing, feel the vibes and share them on the dancefloor with friends (new or old ones). This is my first mixtape for 2017 and it’s full of house tunes. Turn the volume up & enjoy new music and some favorite classic tunes. The rest… on the dancefloor.

Press PLAY!

 Check out the tracklisting below: 

Anabel Englund – London Headache (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Dennis Cruz – Everybody
Sonny Fodera – You & I
Yolanda Be Cool & Wongo – Roosevelt
Hardrive – Deep Inside
Groove Motion – Try It
Superlover – The Talking Machine
Tommyboy, DragonFly, Crazibiza – Aquardiente (Jude & Frank Remix)
Offaiah – Trouble
Solardo – Tribesmen
Will Clarke & Dj Funk – Booty Percolatin’
Cari Golden, Reinier Zonneveld – Things We Might Have Said
Kolsch – Grey

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Καλή Χρονιά !!!

Ο χρόνος είναι ανθρώπινο δημιούργημα για να βάλει τον κόσμο σε καλούπια και να μπορεί να λειτουργεί το σύστημα που κάποιοι εμπνεύστηκαν πριν αιώνες κι εμείς καλούμαστε να βαδίζουμε σύμφωνα με αυτό, μην τυχόν κι αλλάξει κάτι στη νοοτροπία, το νου, τις συμπεριφορές. Είμαστε ‘εδώ’ μόλις για απειροελάχιστο χρόνο σε σχέση με το σύμπαν που ζούμε (αν μπορούσε κανείς να μετρήσει ή να φανταστεί, σχετικά ανέφικτο… μόνο σαν όνειρο).

Παρόλα αυτά , κάθε χρόνο, κάθε έθνος έχει τα δικά του ημερολόγια. Τις δικές του ημέρες, νύχτες που καλούνται οι άνθρωποι που το αντιπροσωπεύουν να πατούν ένα κουμπί κι αυτόματα να μεταφέρονται σε γιορτές, σε χαρές ή σε λύπες κλπ. Μεγαλώνοντας όμως αυτό το κουμπί ‘λειτουργεί’? Πόσες φορές να το πατήσεις? Πόσες φορές να ζήσεις τα ίδια, πάλι από την αρχή. Θα μου πεις, δεν είναι τα ίδια, κάθε χρόνο κάτι διαφορετικό συμβαίνει. Really? Ξανασκέψου.

Ίσως κάποτε (εικάζω) οι γιορτινές ημέρες υπήρχαν για άλλους λόγους. Όσο ζω πάντως, οι γιορτινές ημέρες ξεκινούν με ένα γνώμονα: χρήμα. Σπαταλείστε χρήμα. Βρείτε το, ξεθάψτε το, δουλέψτε για αυτό, καταναλώστε όλη σας τη ζωή για να το αποκτήσετε και μέσα σε μία νύχτα… εξαφανίστε το. Αγόρασε άλλο ένα κοστούμι να φορέσεις (για να μην είναι το ίδιο με πέρυσι), βάλε ένα διαφορετικό φόρεμα κοπελιά (για να μη δείχνεις ίδια με την περσινή φωτογραφία στο Instagram), πάρε τα ακριβά ή φθηνά πούρα κύριε να καπνίσεις και να σου κλείσει η φωνή την επόμενη (αφού το κάνεις για το φαίνεσθαι, δεν είναι μέρος της καθημερινότητας), πάρε ένα ‘κάρο’ άχρηστα υλικά πράγματα να μοιράσεις (για να λες ότι έκανες δώρα σε όλους και δεν ξέχασες κάποιον), γέμισε το καρότσι του super market με 10 διαφορετικά είδη τυριού, 28 σοκολάτες για όλους, αναψυκτικά με τα λίτρα (γιατί θέλεις παραπάνω ζάχαρη στον οργανισμό μετά από ένα λουκούλειο γεύμα – μάθε επιτέλους να τρέφεσαι σωστά για να μην τρέχεις στους γιατρούς να σου διορθώσουν τις μαλακίες που βάζεις στο αίμα σου απερίσκεπτα), 2 ώρες στο κομμωτήριο για να χτενίσεις το τρίχωμα (που μέσα σε 2 ώρες από τα χημικά που έχει πάνω του, θα δείχνει τρισχειρότερο), φτιάξε το μούσι σωστά (τις γωνίες να προσέξεις), γυάλισε τα παπούτσια που πατούν το χώμα (ποιο χώμα θα πεις, άσφαλτο έχει κάτω) … θα μπορούσα να γράφω με τις ώρες, απλά δίνω κάποια μικρά παραδείγματα πρωτοχρονιάτικης τρέλας που επαναλαμβάνεται κάθε μα κάθε μα κάθε fucking year, που εννοείται πως δεν αντικατοπτρίζουν την πραγματικότητα στο σύνολο των ανθρώπων. Σε ένα ποσοστό όμως? Μήπως αυτό το ποσοστό είναι … ας πούμε 70%? Μην κοιτάς άλλες χώρες, εδώ για την Ελλάδα αναφέρομαι.

Φυσικά , όλα τα παραπάνω τα έχουν διδάξει οι γενιές , οι προηγούμενες, οι τωρινές κλπ.

Αυτό που οι περισσότεροι έχουν ξεχάσει ή αμέλησαν να διδάξουν είναι … ο χρόνος δεν έχει σημασία. Οι αλλαγές στα ημερολόγια δεν έχουν σημασία. Η ώρα που τη γιορτάζουμε , σίγουρα δεν έχει σημασία. Τα υλικά δώρα, δε θα κάνουν κάποιον παραπάνω χαρούμενο εκτός από μία απειροελάχιστη συμπαντική στιγμή που διαρκεί κάποια δευτερόλεπτα. Απλώς ανεβάζουν αδρεναλίνη από την αναμονή κι αυξάνουν τις ενδορφίνες στον οργανισμό (οι ενδορφίνες είναι οι ορμόνες τις ευτυχίας, όπως αποκαλούνται, προκαλώντας ένα διαφορετικό αίσθημα στον οργανισμό, για κάποιο απειροελάχιστο χρονικό διάστημα).

Θέλεις παιχνίδια? Να θυμίσω ότι παιχνίδι, παιγνίδιο ή παίγνιο αποκαλείται η δομημένη δραστηριότητα που διεξάγεται με σκοπό την ψυχαγωγία ή ασκείται σαν εκπαιδευτικό εργαλείο. Τα παιχνίδια υπάρχουν σε διάφορες μορφές: επιτραπέζια, ηλεκτρονική, άυλη, υλική κ.ά.

Μήπως φέτος να κάνουμε μία μικρή παρασπονδία? Να είναι τα δώρα όχι παιχνίδια, αλλά μέσα από την ψυχή? Μήπως να ανταλλάξουμε όμορφα πραγματικά συναισθήματα, όχι λόγια, όχι ύλη. Ας  μη φοράς ένα ψεύτικο χαμόγελο που ταιριάζει ασορτί με το υπόλοιπο look που έχεις επιλέξει να φτιάξεις, για να δείχνεις ασορτί με το σύνολο. Ας μη μοιράσεις ‘χρήμα’ σε περιτύλιγμα. Η ανταλλαγή πραγματικών συναισθημάτων σε αυτή την περίοδο που διανύουμε είναι πιο σημαντική από ποτέ. Όλα τα υπόλοιπα είναι περιττά.

Σήμερα είναι παραμονή Πρωτοχρονιάς. Σήμερα είναι 31 Δεκεμβρίου του 2016. Σήμερα είναι Σάββατο. Σήμερα (μία άλλη εκδοχή) είναι μία πανέμορφη ημέρα που ξημέρωσε, ίδια ακριβώς με τις προηγούμενες και τις επόμενες χωρίς καμία απολύτως διαφορά. Καταλαβαίνεις ότι όλα είναι στο μυαλό μας, όλα είναι ένα δημιούργημα ανθρώπινο. Όλα είναι μία σύλληψη κάποιου, πάνω στην οποία βαδίζουν άπειρες γενιές, χωρίς να αποκλίνουν ούτε δέκατο του χιλιοστού. Μήπως… λέω μήπως… να μετατοπίσουμε ένα χιλιοστό φέτος, προς μια άλλη κατεύθυνση?

Να είσαι χαρούμενος κι ευτυχισμένος που ξημέρωσε και βλέπεις ακόμη μία φορά το φως της ημέρας, συναντώντας τους ανθρώπους που επιλέγεις να έχεις γύρω σου. Να σε χαροποιεί που κάθε κύτταρο του οργανισμού είναι ζωντανό, αναπνέει.

Και ρίξε ένα αναπάντεχο φιλί… για να ταρακουνήσεις λίγο το σύμπαν.