So Lady Gaga is one of the great comeback artists of 2016. She announced today that her fifth album  will be called ‘Joanne’ and gets released on October 21st. It contains 11 tracks and plus 3 on the deluxe edition. As we already know, she collaborates with Mark Ronson, Florence Welch, Beck and she also announce Father John Misty and Hillaray Lindsey. The name of the album comes in tribute from her father’s sister that passed away when she was 19 years old and it was an incident that changed her life. She calls the title track ‘Joanne’ the true heart and soul of the record. So, we expect to listen to Gaga’s latest achievement, not to compare but to truly get in the new pop mood she’s offering. Till then enjoy the ‘Perfect Illusion’ , the first single that was released last week (which i didn’t enjoy so much for her comeback, but to be honest it starts growing on me as time passes by… We’ll just wait see!)