Calvin Harris is back with this #Summer2017 jam! #Slide is the #TuneOfTheWeek


So, Calvin Harris is set to release his new album and as he wrote on his twitter account:

“All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel fucking incredible.”

That seems to be the truth as we listen to his new collaboration with Frank Ocean & Migos on ‘Slide’, a disco-summer groove that definitely fits with the sunshine all around. While he’s had several No.1 hits throughout the years, not only on his solo projets but writing music for other acts too, he’s ready to drop his 5th studio solo album and we can’t wait to listen where music’s heading for mr. Harris. He’ always been a pioneer to this electronic era, since his very beggining with ‘I Created Disco’. Listening to ‘Slide’ again and again it seems like he’s back on his roots. So, turn the volume up & enjoy the tune of the week!


YouTube just gave you a taste with this preview, if you want to listen to the whole single go to Spotify!

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