She got us chained to the rhythm. She cut her hair. She put some color on it. She immidated a Gaga-dress at the Met Gala. Her comeback video for ‘Chained…’ was a short movie itself with lyrics not so cheesy as they sound (think twice as you listen).

Now, she collaborates with Migos, who i don’t like at all, they sound as trash as they can. So , the question is, why do i like her new single ‘Bon Appetit’? Is it that girl that was standing accross the bar the other night, who was a Katy Perry look-a-like , shaking her booty to the music i was playing? I got no idea!

The issue here is that the promotion on Katy’s comeback is huge, money is in great ammounts for the ads, but looking for the cheesiest tune of the summer (they came late this year, i have to admit, it was usually March or April that summer tracks got released)  i found out that this beat, this chorus, this trashy tune sounds like a HUGE HIT! So, enjoy loud the tune of the week.