Triple #TuneOfTheWeek & the last for #Summer2017


If you can’t decide what to choose for the tune of the week and it is your last for the summer, you just put it all together and everything flows the right way!

Purple Disco Machine is one of my favorite house producers the last years, and i think that everytime he drops something, you just put it in the mix! He’s got an awesome groove to his releases and remixes, but his latest tune ‘Body Funk’ is definitely one of the greatest dancefloor anthems that will remind us of summer 2017, the years to come! Music makes you lose control…


Calvin Harris just dropped his latest album ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1’ where he collaborates on vocals with almost everyone on the scene, at the moment! Since ‘Slide’ came out, i knew i had a favorite for 2017. But then another one got released and another one…. And then ‘Feels’. Calvin Harris is the producer that doesn’t stick to his reputation for one or two hits, he is the producer that releases music that we always have the pleasure of listening to. His albums are a pleasure and excitement for new music and new vibes. That’s why he is one of the most significant producers in UK at the moment. Don’t be afraid to catch Feels…


Closed Paradise is a one of a kind DJ and producer. In times when technology has made a DJ’s job simply pushing a button, Closed Paradise chooses to stick to classic methods and brings out vinyl to every show. DJing since the age of 15 and inspired by legends like Derrick May, Joe Claussell and Moodymann, his selection and mixing are skillful, dexterous and heartfelt. (from his bio in facebook) This tune ‘Praise’ is the song that you want to listen to when the sun comes down and you’re at your favorite beach enjoying the sunset. Or maybe while you’re driving on chill mode (again during the sunset). Choose the scene you adore and Praise…


This is my last Tune Of The Week for summer 2017. I need to get some rest from blogging and generally from everything. Let’s all enjoy summer and hopefully i’ll be back with more tunes soon… That’s not a promise, i wrote hopefully. Maybe this is the last tune of the week EVER, maybe something new will come out from September. Since then enjoy all my mixes here, all the tune of the week sections, the new music friday and many more. It was a pleasure that you were reading along the way. It was a pleasure in general that we enjoyed this music trip together all those years, you don’t really know how much this means for me.  Thank You!

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