This is how summer nights of 2019 will sound! ‘Starry Night’ from Peggy Gou is the Tune Of The Week

When i first heard “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)” , i just put it on repeat! It was such a feeling and such a rush for a tune. It grows on you every time, on every note. Didn’t know what to expect since then, but i watched the Dj sets on youtube, checked out the tunes and expected Peggy to be a superstar Dj soon.

So in 2019, Peggy Gou is definitely at her best, with a groove that no other Dj has at the moment. And here comes her first release for the year. “Starry Night” has the potential to be the anthem for our summer nights. It’s smooth, it’s groovy, it’s got a great bassline, it grows every second and i bet if you’re on the dancefloor, your body just won’t be able to stop moving to the rhythm. Peggy Gou delivers the vocals in Korean and English language and be sure that this song doesn’t even need a remix to be played to most of the Dj sets.

This is my tune of the week. Music that makes me happy, makes me wanna move, sets my spirit free. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

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