I got to admit, there have been so many new releases the last three weeks from some of the biggest stars around the globe and they’re already on charts and playlists on the radio but… it all sounds the same! Like, exactly the same! Why Oh Why? It’s like the same producer keeps releasing more and more tunes. Well , it’s hard to find the next big thing, listening to the same sound.

On the other hand, here come those three guys from New York with a fresh sound, fresh voices and a great EP i might add. They caught my attention on the first listen. This is brand new ladies and gentlemen. They are The Visions and their brand new track is called “The Vine”. It’s a mixture of pop with funky beats, smooth vocals and a great arrangement full of groove. This is my tune of the week and you can read below what they are writing about this new EP release, on their facebook page:

💥💥💥 Hi world!! So so so so happy to deliver our completed project, The Visions EP. We’ve been working and refining these songs over the past couple years, each one finding it’s own way to completion and joining the larger body. All of us add our own perspectives, ideas, and emotions into the music in an attempt to make something both shared and singular. Making music living in NYC can be incredibly rewarding and difficult, and we hope this EP reflects our journey thus far. Thank you to everyone and anyone that has ever come to a show, listened to a recording, supported us in any way. To our friends and family we love you, to our new fans we say hello!! Hope you listen to this as an album, and hope our music can soundtrack your day and make it a little better 💜🌈✨ Love,
Ben, Michael, and Ryan

So… Turn the volume up and enjoy the Tune Of The Week. And you know what… You really heard it here first!