Summer 2019 has found its’ tune. “Old Town Road” that’s been a No.1 single for some weeks has a new featuring artist and a new remix. Lil Nas X has one of the biggest tunes of the year with ‘Old Town Road’ combining hip hop and country music. Could it get any bigger? Of course! Let’s put Billie Ray Cyrus to do the chorus (especially now that Billboard country chart cut it). Even bigger? Of course, why don’t we give it to Diplo to remix it.

This tune has been full of controversy for US radio stations, that play only hip hop or only country music. They got a bit confused with this No.1 tune that combines both genres and brings a mainstream tune to the audience, that gets you almost at the first listen. Now that the great Billie Ray Cyrus is on the chorus, it won’t leave anybody wondering what we’re going to be listening throughout summer of 2019.

The new remix has even a new video or much better a movie starring Chris Rock, Haha Davis, Rico Nasty, Diplo, Jozzy, Young Kio and Vince Staples! This is my tune of the week, turn the volume up and enjoy.