One of the greatest bands on earth, is about to release their new album on November 22nd. Coldplay are back and the world is excited for different reasons:

  • Brand new music
  • Brand new tour on the way
  • Great music from real musicians (i’ll keep saying this in the world we live in!)
  • Lyrics, Feelings and warmth for the ear, the soul and the heart.

The album “Everyday Life” is being promoted everywhere the last week, as the return of Coldplay isn’t a simple thing, in the music scenery of the last years. This band is alive and kicking and never disappointed with any of their releases. Since the very beginning they are loyal to their music and they’re experimenting along the way as every musician who respects the audience and his work, does.

Listen to one of the two new singles that just got uploaded on their YouTube channel. This is ‘Arabesque’.

“Everyday Life” is a double album. It’s ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ with the tracklisting revealed today to two newspaper ads, one in North Wales and one in Australia. They’re printed in Daily Post and Sydney Morning Herald. That’s an old fashioned way of doing things. The two lyric videos, have their records played on a gramophone and the lyrics come on screen, as being printed on a typewriter.

The other single revealed today is ‘Orphans’.

Which one i like most? Definitely ‘Arabesque’ if i have to choose. It’s combines many worlds of music in it, and i love the lyric ‘music is the weapon of the future’. ‘Orphans’, on the other hand, is a more mainstream track, more radio-friendly, sounds closer to the sound we’re used to, from Coldplay. But… i hope that ‘Everyday Life’ has more ‘Arabesque’ tunes in it. It makes it more interesting to listen to. 2 b honest, i expect both sides of the group revealed in this album. Experimental tracks and mainstream tunes for the radio. It’s logical.