9 tunes for music fixation on #NewMusicFriday

Friday 31st of January. It’s already been a month in 2020 and there are so many new releases in the music industry. Experimentation, pop, electronic. There’s definitely a feel of 80s and 90s vibes in the music scene. It seems that if we want to listen to some good new music, we have to go backwards. And many new artists do that! In my opinion, there’s nothing new to discover at this point in music. The new producers have to be more simple, better with a band. Better, with some original kicks. It’s all been done, all been played, so many different genres, so many adaptations of those genres within the years, so what’s left is go a bit back to the original form of things. Originality is what lacks nowadays. And we’re happy that there are so many great artists making some great releases worldwide. Here are a few for your New Music Friday fixation. Listen to them below. There are new releases from Tame Impala, Hayley Williams, Miles Davis & Lalah Hathaway, Dua Lipa, Duck Sauce, Mura Masa & Wolf Alice , Love Regenerator (aka Calvin Harris), Tough Love, Kaytranada.

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