Franky Wah (aka Luke Storrs) has something to say:

Making music is a beautiful thing so don’t let the politics of music ruin that. Treat all the added luxuries of being an artist, i.e signing to big labels and travelling the world to play music, as a bonus. If you’re producing music to be rich and famous then you may as well quit now!

He is a producer and DJ from Yorkshire and at his latest single “You Don’t Know”, uses a vocal sample from the anthem “Finally” by Kings Of Tomorrow. This is euphoria, this is for the dancefloor, just drives your mind to some other space in time. “You Don’t Know is another record I hold close to my heart,” Franky explains, “mainly because of the emotion I feel when I listen to it.”

“The chords bring an emotional but uplifting vibe to the record and it definitely feels like that, set closing, hug your friend at the end of the night kind of track. We’ve all experienced very testing times lately and I really hope people can resonate with the lyrics on this one as much as I do.”

This is the Tune Of The Week. Turn the volume up (as high as it gets) and get in the mood! Till we go out clubbing again…