Madonna has been busy lately promoting her documentary of ‘Madame X’. We see her everywhere “disturbing the peace”, as she repeats. She’s got a strong message for the world, in case many people have missed it. And they sure did! I mean, the comments are stuck on the way she looks with all the plastic surgery, the way she acts on social media and moreover people discuss her age!?! We all know how old she is, so what the fuss is about? People are discussing everything else than the main aspect of what she presents on ‘Madame X’. (because people don’t care, i may add… they’re so stuck on their phone screen all day long, scrolling, copying, trying to put their best smile on a photo, delivering a fake world that doens’t come from the inside, it’s just for the screen, for the upload moment, they read the comments, they desperatley want others to like what they do, they feed themselves from that, to wake up the next morning and repeat the same process again and again and again…) Madonna is an artist and throughout her whole career (about 40 years) she’s been doing every single thing that came into her mind, as a musician, as an artist, as a dancer, as an actor… She always received some strong criticism on whatever she did. But as time shows, she didn’t mind, she just kept doing what she had in mind. And why wouldn’t she?

Watched ‘Madame X’ last night. And at the point it was finished, i got all the answers i needed while i was listening to her album. Because the album released 2 years ago, had definitely lots in it! Lots of stories to tell, it wasn’t just a pop album that drops around and contains some No.1 hits. Madonna isn’t your usual pop star of the 2010s or of 2021 and has nothing to do with those little girls that keep copying her. Let’s be honest, more of what we see in today’s pop culture on women, she did a long time ago.

Watching ‘Madame X’ , where she strongly refers to James Baldwin, who’s been an inspiration to her, you get the message since the very beggining. I think that she chose small theaters to present her show, because it wasn’t just a show (definitely not for stadium crowd). It was a statement, mainly around her Madame X album. And of course not only that, as some huge hits drop out (like “Human Nature”, “Vogue”, “Frozen”, “Like A Prayer” etc.). The connection to her 1991 documentary “Thuth Or Dare” is made on the screen. It’s like she continues what was then so provocative for the mainstream audience. Has it been about her p*ssy all the time? It may have and she really don’t mind as it shows. But it hasn’t…

‘Madame X’ is a pure statement to the world we now live in, which seems more perplexed and confused than some decades ago. The choreography (as always on her shows) is awesome, taken to another level, more than simple dance moves, it’s a whole body expression. The music is of course inspired from her life in Portugal and that’s what’s so interesting about watching her perform her music. She continues to thrive when she’s on stage and that’s not something I say to defend her, if you’ve seen her previous tours or documentaries you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Is it worth watching? Of course it is, it’s like going to a theatre to watch a play of art & music combined with perfect choreography and visuals.

Is it entertaining? Yeap it is! Puts you in thoughts after you watch it.

Is it Madonna? Definitely a Madonna act. It’s Madame X and every little message she wants to deliver to the world uncovering her different identity each time, through her costumes and style.

Watching the documentary, you get the whole vision of the ‘Madame X’ album. This is a whole project and now we’ve seen it all. And yes, now I can say what I was thinking when I first listened to the album: I was like, “what the fuck is that? This is interesting, it’s not pop, it’s music. It’s everything in between, a combination of everything. Mirwais made a classic again. Madonna took it a step further, but how many people will notice it? Eveyone is expecting a no.1 hit, but this is something more than just hits, it’s like a statement in today’s world.”