bobmontmarteI always find myself happy when Bob Marley gets a proper remix. ‘Is This Love’ is a song that you might have heard a million times. But just a touch of the French duo Montmartre makes it sound fresh again. It gives you the feeling that ‘yes’ it’s something you already know, but you wanna put it on the replay over and over again. An now it gets an official release from Island records after a year that it has been up on the internet, gaining some million views.

MONTMARTRE is a new rising French duet from Paris, as their name suggests so well (their studio is based in the notorious area, also the heart of the French Touch heroes). Hugo & Alex met 4 years ago while studying music; they soon became mates & music partners.

They started composing deep house & disco pop tunes while doing non official remixes to practice & improve their production skills. Their rework of Adele did almost a million views on their Soundcloud. Montmartre took part of a C2C remix competition for which they ended at N°2. Their remix was then properly released & Dj Atom (from C2C) will later co-produced the boys very first single “Inside of me”.

Montmartre revisited “Is This Love” by BOB MARLEY. Their remix went straight to N°1 on Hype Machine when posted and ended with 1.5 million streams on Soundcloud before the track was taken down for publishing rights matters. But the beautiful story of this remix is that the Marley family would soon make known that they actually loved & fully approved the new version & therefore, granted the rights for the duet to make the remix official. Supported by blogs or YouTube channels such as The Sound You Need, Majestic or Electro Posé, the remix has generated around 5 million views already.