20 years after, General Levy is still a pioneer


General Levy is one of the most known MCs in UK. He raps quick, he’s got a unique style and 20 years ago he created one of the greatest DnB classic tunes, alongside M-Beat, ‘Incredible’. The song became an anthem back in 1994 and it became even more mainstream when it was used on the intro of the movie ‘Ali G in da house’. ‘Wicked , wicked , jungle is massive’ was the quote.

Now we see General Levy back on track , with his new collaboration with Sticky, on ‘Pull Up’. Once again he raps with a unique style on a massive dancefloor anthem, especially made for the clubs with a great subwoofer system. Probably it’s not for the mainstream radio, but that was what we used to say when ‘Incredible’ was released, back in the day. I really like his style, maybe you do too. Check out his new single.

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