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The #TuneOfTheWeek is on Fire! We got ‘Everything Now’


It seems that the indie-rock bands love the groove and the new releases prove it! Arcade Fire are back with a disco-driven tune, with Abba-reminisce strings, with a groove that you can dance and slide over, a great choir and some lyrics that we really adore. They talk about how real life and how people believe they have and enjoy everything, when in fact it’s a driven world we live in. I really love the part:

“Every song that I’ve ever heard
Is playing at the same time, it’s absurd
And it reminds me, we’ve got everything now
We turn the speakers up till they break
‘Cause every time you smile it’s a fake
Stop pretending, you’ve got… Everything now”

On May 31, the band released the lead single “Everything Now” from their fifth album, on 12″ vinyl, selling it at a merchandise stall at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona which they headlined. A day later, a mysterious live stream “Live From Death Valley” was launched and the band released a music video for the song, appearing to have been shot in Death Valley, California.

Turn the speakers up (as they say on the lyrics) and enjoy the tune of the week!

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Rihanna gives us #WildThoughts on new DJ Khaled #TuneOfTheWeek with a Santana sample


It seems that DJ Khaled is having some of the greatest hits this summer. This time with a little help from Rihanna and Bryson Tiller and a sample from the 10 weeks No.1 single “Maria Maria”, from Santana & Product G&B. This is another release from the ‘Grateful’ album that is full of featuring artists and is out 23rd of June. I don’t need to say much for the tune of the week, you just press play, realize that you’re already dancing to a well-known tune from Santana and watch & listen to Rihanna get sexy again!

The sample from the No.1 single “Maria, Maria”, played by Carlos Santana.

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Summer Hits 2017 are updated! It’s #NewMusicFriday and we enjoy more music


It seems that nothing’s stopping the new releases coming out, for summer 2017. As i’ve noted in a previous post here, songs, releases and new summer music came later this year than usually expected. We keep listening to some of the greatest artists plus newest names in music business, delivering some great tunes to listen to. So let’s see, what’s going on this Friday?

Enjoy these 8 new tunes loud! You’ll love this new music.

  • The Killers – The Man : “funkier than anything we’ve ever done before,” Brandon Flowers said. This is the first single from their forthcoming 5th album. And it’s sounds Huge!
  • Queens of the Stone Age – The Way You Used to Do : Nobody would expect Mark Ronson to produce the comeback for the Queens Of The Stone Age. ‘Villains’, the band’s forthcoming seventh album, is expected to drop soon. Let’s Rock…
  • Kadebostany – Mind If I Stay (Addal Remix) : Here’s an interesting new release, especially for radio audience in Greece, who really love Kadebostany sound. ‘Monumnetal (Chapter Ι) EP’ is here and their first single has an excellent remix.
  • Calvin Harris – Feels feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean : We go crazy with this new ultimate summer funky sound that is dropped every time Calvin releases a new single. It is so groovy that you wanna run to the nearest beach bar, order 2-3 cocktails at once and start dancing. His fifth studio album is released 30th of June.
  • Cris Cab – All Of The Girls feat. Pitbull : The ‘Liar Liar’ singer is back  with a little help from Pitbull (who seems to be unstoppable, featured everywhere!) This tune is as summerish as we want it.
  • Major Lazer – Know No Better feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo : To be honest, i used to listen to Major Lazer before they got as cheesy as they sound nowadays. But the thing is that the hype is so strong and tunes like this one, will go everythwere, cause it’s catchy, Camila Cabello is becoming huge and that sound seems to be No.1 on teenagers. So, hit that hit!
  • Duke Dumont x Gorgon City – Real Life feat. Naations : Since day one, when ‘The Giver’ got released, i consider Duke Dumont to be a great producer and DJ. He delivers so smoothly the 90s house music scene on today’s audience! I love it. On the other hand Gorgon City are a great duo (played their album non-stop last year) and this collaboration feels so uplifting. Naations deliver bright pop vocals to make the tune sound so catchy and remind us next year, of summer 2017.
  • Robin Schulz – OK feat. James Blunt : OK! James Blunt after the ‘You’re Beautiful’ success has had so many releases, but none of them hit the airwaves as it was supposed to. This collaboration with the remixer that knows how to make a pop dance hit record is what he needed to get on track again.


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TheWeeknd knows your #Secrets on the 80s inspired #TuneOfTheWeek . What does he sample?


‘Starboy’ is one of the greatest releases of 2016 , a mixture of pop, rnb, electronica, hip-hop and many other genres. The Weeknd is the ultimate pop star at this point (among others) and with hits like ‘Starboy’, ‘I feel it coming’, ‘False Alarm’, ‘Sidewalks’ etc… he’s got an album that almost sounds like a greatest hits compilation.

It was about time he released this particular single, called ‘Secrets’ (as i’ve noted here in a past ‘New Music Friday’ post), one of his perfect pop moments. He uses a music sample from Tears For Fears ‘Pale Shelter’ and another classic on the chorus, from The Romantics ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ , almost like a 2 in 1 song, with a summer vibe (and a perfect reference to the 80s sound).

Turn the volume up and enjoy it loud (video also looks awesome!)

Listen below and discover the original tunes that he uses samples from:

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Looking for a House Summer Anthem? Listen to the #TuneOfTheWeek


Sonny Fodera has some of the best club tunes we’ve heard the last years. He is British and house music is the main theme here. This is the house music we like to dance to, we wanna listen to and bring it back to mainstream audience as it has lost its path with so many releases, so many bootlegs, so many remixes etc… the list goes on and on.

Defected records has kept it real all the way and that’s why it is probably the best house label that exists at this point. I’m not gonna write more , i loved the track and here’s the 2016 press release for Sonny Fodera’a album “Frequently Flying” released by Defected:

Sonny Fodera’s amazing journey continues with his highly-anticipated artist album Frequently Flying on Defected. Along with an array of tour dates this summer, including his Redlight residency at Sankeys Ibiza, plus standout performances at Hideout, Creamfields and EDC Las Vegas, the album is a true representation of Sonny and his maturing, heavily song-led sound, featuring collaborations with Yasmin, Janai, Shannon Saunders, Alex Mills and more.

Sonny has had a ground-breaking year including his debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, a nomination in DJ Awards Deep House category and a Beatport overall #1 with Gershon Jackson, making him one of the most in-demand DJs and producers on the planet.

On June 2nd this video appeared as his new single on Defected channel. Now this just became HUGE! We’re still looking for the perfect club summer anthem and this definitely takes it to the next level, with the amazing voice and performance from Alex Mills. (The dancers are awesome in the video and the visuals are what i like!)


You can also check the remixes below and find your favorite to put it on your DJ set.

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Why 30 years after its’ release, this is one of the best albums made


One of the greatest artists that started his promising career at the 80s is Terence Trent D’Arby. When “Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’Arby” was released in 1987, it blew our mind! I was only 11 years old and still remember that each and every song was heard on the radio non-stop, from almost each radio station (at the time available). The energy tha came out of him was like Wow! His voice is deep and at the time you could only make a comparison to the godfather James Brown himself. The funk, the soul, the rhythm, music, lyrics, composition, everything on this album sounds perfect! I listened to it, before i decided to write this article and i think that if it got released today, it would be so innovative for its’ sound. It is flawless from each and every aspect.

The album gained a Grammy award, Brit Award and it sold a million copies within the first three days of going on sale. That was huge!!!

But , the thing with Terence Trent D’Arby at the time, was that he sounded as big as Michael Jackson and Prince , who ruled the eighties with their releases. He was a new artist coming out as big as he could be and his live performances were also incomparable.

I don’t want to get into the gossip of the whole story of Terence Trent D’Arby, it’s the music that matters and the feeling it gives you while listening to it. You can check him out under the name Sananda Maitreya nowadays. He keeps releasing music, not under a huge label, but never stopped, never gave up what he’s doing best.


  1. “If You All Get to Heaven”
  2. “If You Let Me Stay”
  3. “Wishing Well”
  4. “I’ll Never Turn My Back on You (Father’s Words)”
  5. “Dance Little Sister”
  6. “Seven More Days”
  7. “Let’s Go Forward”
  8. “Rain” – 2:58
  9. “Sign Your Name”
  10. “As Yet Untitled”
  11. “Who’s Loving You”
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It’s never too late to become a #Believer Enjoy the #TuneOfTheWeek from Imagine Dragons


I keep listening to this single on repeat, since it was released a couple of months ago. Imagine Dragons release such energy with this song that makes you wanna scream. So, i thought it was about time to put it on the tune of the week section on my blog. ‘Believer‘ is probably the best rock song for the summer and maybe one of the greatest tunes of 2017. You can find it on the latest Imagine Dragons album titled ‘Evolve’. The music video was released on March 7, 2017 and stars Dolph Lundgren. It was directed by Matt Eastin.

 Turn the volume up & enjoy it loud!

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Jazz takes over the #TuneOfTheWeek with new music from Kamasi Washington #Truth


His first album was “The Epic” which was what the title says. Kamasi Washington is one of the greatest new artists in jazz music and if you haven’t listened to his debut album there’s a new EP coming out this summer, with the first release called ‘Truth’.

(a review from Pitchfork)

A young boy splashes his face, streams of water seep through his little fingers. A younger woman looks up at an older woman, her eyes beaming in admiration. Two men wrestle in a field, their arms locked gently within a ring of flower petals. The video for Kamasi Washington’s new single, “Truth,” unfolds much like the saxophonist’s strain of big band jazz: warm, enveloping, and communal. There’s a bright intimacy from which Washington’s music derives, and it always seems to land exactly at the right time. His exceptional 2015 debut album, The Epic, arrived at the height of racial tensions in America; songs like “The Rhythm Changes,” “Malcolm’s Theme” and “The Message” sought to pacify our collective angst.

“Truth” hits the same chord, even if the external factors have changed. Against a backdrop of “fake news,” chemical warfare and presidential missteps, Washington’s 13-minute opus thrives with gospel-infused power, resting alongside his previous work while occupying new sonic space. “Truth” is the first song from the musician’s forthcoming EP, Harmony of Difference, which he debuted at the Whitney Biennial earlier this year. Dubbed a six-movement suite, “Truth” is the record’s centerpiece, fusing elements of its five previous tracks into one composition. Beginning with a pensive melody, the song swells into a tidal wave of choral moans, saxophone squeals and volcanic drum fills. Like much of Washington’s previous work, “Truth” is incredibly opulent in its maximalist approach. The huge scale makes his music feel like a sacred offering in bleak times.

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This is a summer #TuneOfTheWeek from Bolier & Redondo


Summer is ahead and we want the tunes to fit in. The collaboration of Bolier & Redondo seems to be something we needed to fit better for those summer nights or days. Dana Sipos vocals are amazing. As Spinnin’ Records writes in the description:

“Beautiful piece of melodic dance music from long time friends Bolier & Redondo! Untangled is built around rhythmic percussion, reverbed drums and plucking guitar sounds, enhanced by the moody vocals from Dana Sipos who delivers some great work on the vocal part. Fantastic tune!”

Have a listen! Turn the volume up for the tune of the week.

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Attention! This is the new Charlie Puth pop delivery #TuneOfTheWeek


When ‘See you again’ dropped from the Furious soundtrack, nobody really knew the kind of success that would follow. Charlie Puth is a 25 year old singer and songwriter that delivers pop catchy tunes like ‘Marvin Gaye’ , ‘One Call Away’ and ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, when he is not writing for other artists. Now, he is a about to release his second album and the first single came out almost 3 weeks ago.

‘Attention’ is a catchy pop tune that you could listen on the radio all day and night, it’s got a great hook and bassline and as Charlie said in one of his interviews, it’s about a girl that he met and realized that he couldn’t get her home, she just wanted someone to play with, just needed his attention. So here it is… Probably on all playlists till summer and one of the greatest pop tracks released till now. Turn the volume up for the tune of the week (ain’t that sweet!!! haha)