Azealia-Banks-Yung-RapunxelThis girl from the very beggining seemed true to her work. I remember listening to ‘212’ for the first time, calling out my girl telling her that she has to listen to one of the most interesting dance tunes i’ve ever heard. And that was because ‘212’ had a sticky beat , because of that Lazy Jay crazy dancefloor tune! Her rapping is quick, unique and she combines rapping and melody singing too. Well, since then time passed by, she’s not on the “huge” Intersope Records now, but as she says in the interview on HOT 97, she feels free. And her album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’  sounds unique. Like a new sound jumps out of 2014.  She picks the beats with a great taste in dance music and that is a whole plus to this album.

Here’s an interesting and true interview.

Here’s how she got introduced to us: