This tune fits the occasion. It’s Sunday afternoon, the whole weekend was sunny and i took some time to listen to some new albums. Also took some time to rewind how 2014 treated me, or i’d better say, how i chose to treat myself. Take some time off, go back in time and bring back in mind all the great stories that happened to you through the year. Time passes quickly and most of the people i know, don’t take some time off their schedule, to think, to re-live some moments of the past and think over them again. Did i do right? Did i do wrong? What did this incident teach me after some time? Am i alright with the decisions i make , should i change anything? Those are questions that we are all capable of answering, truly in ourselves.

While all the above, i’m listening to Mary J. Blige’ latest album, The London Sessions. Amazing album for Mary. Great basslines & beats and Mary at her best. Have a taste here: