Snoop Dogg has a new album coming up in 2015, it is called ‘Bush’ and it is produced by Pharell Williams. This collaboration will also feature appearances from Stevie Wonder and Charlie Wilson (Uncle Charlie) and of course Pharell himself. This whole project strongly reminds us the previews collaborations for Snoop and Pharell on the no.1 hits “Drop it like it’s hot” , “Beautiful” and more, on Snoop’s albums , especially to the decade 2000-2010. On an interview that Snoop made (for his youtube channel ‘westfesttv’) to Pharell, some months ago, he asked the man to produce his album and bring back the good sound that their hit singles had. Pharell himself said that ‘Bush’ is much better than his own release ‘GIRL’. We just have to wait and listen to what those two legends are bringing to music scene. My thoughts apart from rapping, go to some classic sound, maybe funk, maybe disco, maybe soul, or all combined together. Let’s hope for some real music in here and some great hits for the future audience.

Snoop dogg and pharrell

Till ‘Bush’ comes out let’s have a listen to some Snoop and Pharell collaborations from the past.