This is an article i just read, drinking my morning coffee, written by a teenager. I found it really interesting , so i’m sharing it with you.


(written by Manvi Singhee from India)

Social media was created with the focus to connect with friends and family. I feel that it proves to be a distraction to us from doing our schoolwork. It makes it more difficult for us to be productive and causes our concentration time spans to fall drastically. Hence proving to be detrimental to our success in the long run as it forces us to do the required work in shorter time periods.

During classes in school, I see that most people are engaged on their phones using social networking websites. I feel it leaves a sense of empty pleasure in place of real stimulation because to these users, social media is addicting. When my teacher warns them from using their phones during class, it kills them not being able to check the new notification or post that they are constantly receiving.

Most of my friends feel obligated to join these websites as a result of peer pressure or in an act of defense to be labelled as ‘un-cool’. On Facebook, the more friends you have or the more likes you get on your status updates and pictures moves you up the stereotypical teenage hierarchy. This makes the user feel ‘cool-er’ or like they have some sense of belonging in a fake online community.

On Instagram or Snapchat, people post pictures of almost everything from their morning selfie to their starbucks coffee. I feel that social media distracts you from reality. For instance, at the most awaited party of the summer, all I could see were people posing and clicking pictures to post on Instagram or Snapchat to show how much ‘ fun’ they were having. I found this to be quite intriguing. Is this really the new meaning of fun? However, I on the other had an amazing time dancing the evening away.

Using social media to connect is great but I feel that it doesn’t fulfill our deepest emotional connection. Though most of my friends are on Facebook and instagram, I was never attracted by it or felt the need to be on it. The cardinal reason being that, I would rather live in reality than on any of these social platforms. I think that it’s better to meet someone and ask them for their number and invite them to lunch than add them as a “friend” on facebook or follow them on instagram. I feel that email and phone calls satisfactorily fulfill my needs to connect with friends and family. And so, as a 16 year old teenager I’m not on any of these social networking websites.