So , is O.T.Genasis having the worst single of the year?

This tune that actually says he loves cocaine and wants the whole world to know about it, has some great beats. It’s bangin’ hot as far as the loops are concerned. But what about the lyrics? What about the shitty video? What about all this lifestyle that they promote, is it good for young generations? Doesn’t anybody care how it will influence people especially the teenagers that wanna try everything? I’m making these questions cause as a teenager, as growing up, i know i couldn’t tell many times what was wrong or right and was just going with the flow. But on my side of age right now, i think that this kind of flow and lifestyle they’re selling to people, has got to come to an end at some point. It leads nowhere, when selling drugs is the main thing. Once upon a time i thought hip-hop was about living, overcoming situations, having fun etc. but nowadays it’s turned to a massive consumption of stupid beats that fit the club soundsystem really good. I’ve been a clubber from a yound age (and still remain one), i love dancing, but since i started DJing i realized that we have to play some serious music to people, to make them think, to teach, to make them wanna become better persons, to overcome the difficulties in life. You might say and think that, ok when Eric Clapton dropped ‘Cocaine’ back in the eighties, was it better?

Your choice, your music … but please!