There are many tunes that get released this Spring. Till we listen to all of them, that get promoted 24/7 on social networks and wherever on the internet, and get addicted to some of them for summer, i got 5 new tunes for you (or maybe not so new for some).


Nile Rodgers brings us a Chic reunion with ‘I’ll Be There’ and a disco guitar riff that makes us wanna start looking for a dancefloor and make some serious moves. Marlon Roudette (ex Mattafix singer, check out their big hits ‘Big City Life’ and ‘Living Darfur’) is solo and delivers one of the most beautiful pop runes for the radio. The same goes for James Bay with ‘Hold Back The River’ , that shows that pop is in style at this point and the most common genre to listen to. On the other hand we have the funk phenomenon Mark Ronson, who has created a very groovy and uplifting album with his latest ‘Uptown Special’ and has so many hits in it. His collaboration with Mystical on ‘Feel Right’ , a non-stop funkadelic tune, with a James Brown feel in it, is his next single and i hope to see it go straight to No.1 of the charts. If it happens that means that funk is back for real. Last we have the dj’s and producers of this new age era that combine electronic beats with trap, a bit of dubstep and too much ‘noisey’ sounds to the audience. It seems this is the sound that gets played at the festivals around the globe at this moment. Well, ‘Lean On’ combines the vocals of M0 with the melodies and beats of Major Lazer, Diplo and Dj Snake. That’s a radio tune mostly (cause the others seem too loud and too annoying for the mainstream audience.)

Put those tunes on your playlist and soon you ‘ll have them on replay.