Dimitris Kritikos has released music under many nicknames like Neverland, Funkytears, Influence, A Dog Named Rodriguez, but his DJ name remains the same since the very beggining: MCD. He started his career as the DJ of Active Member, where he reunited the last years for many concerts and gigs accross Greece. On his comeback in 2015, he already has a new album ready, set for release till the end of the year, but also he’s planning a Live gig in June, inviting lots of his friends and singers on stage.

His latest release can be found on the compilation album ‘Sons Of The Beatz Vol.1’. Have a listen to ‘Where You’ve Been’ and watch the video below:

‘Sons Of The Beatz Vol.1’ is based on a Sidekicks idea, with many breakbeats, loops, instrumentals, scratching songs from many Greek artists that are experts to bringing new beats together with classic hip-hop samples. You can find new tunes from: Tony Mahoney (UK) , Dj McD (GR) , Funkonami (GR) , Oνειρευτής (GR) , C.Saw (GR) , Dj Found (GR) , H0od a.k.a DJ Marble (GR) , Mr. Looper (GR) , The Black Origami (GR) , Ness (JPN) , Professor Sorrow (GR) , Hades (CYP) , Mistah Griffin (USA).

Download the compilation on Bandcamp: