Naughty Boy releases new single ‘Runnin’ (Lose it all)’ featuring Beyoncé and newcomer Arrow Benjamin, a multi-talented, south London singer/songwriter, who fuses gospel, pop and soul into his own unique sound.


The track is accompanied by a breath-taking video. Inspired by the acclaimed short film ‘Ocean Gravity’, the video’s creative was a collaborative idea by commissioner James Hackett and film maker Charlie Robins. Keen to do something with Ocean Gravity’s creators; world champion freediver and Guillaume Nery and freediver/ film maker Julie Gaultier, Charlie contacted the duo, “I absolutely knew I wanted to work with them” he beamed, “So as soon as I received the track from Naughty boy I contacted them to see if they wanted to collaborate on a music video with me”.

Working closely with his producer Sarah Tognazzi, and Forever pictures, Charlie, Guillaume and Julie travelled back to Rangoria in the South Pacific where ‘Ocean Gravity’ was filmed to create something truly special.

“In order to achieve the effect we were after we had to film in the middle of a fast, deep and quite dangerous current through a lagoon, this gave us the forward momentum you see in the film. They didn’t use tanks for air so everything you see in the film was done holding their breath, sometimes up to 6 minutes at a time. I still can’t quite believe how they do it. No CGI was used. Quite something.”

The video stars Guillaume alongside fellow diver Alice Modolo and sees them acting out a metaphorical representation of love and fate. It shows how two people who are seemingly millions of miles apart can be drawn together.