This must be the hottest hip-hop (or should i say RnB) song of 2015. It might be a true fact that ‘See You Again’ brought Wiz to the top spot for several weeks worldwide, but Hotline Bling has got the rhythm to keep you dancing. And it crossed my mind these days, what does it remind of? Some guy at the office the other day told me that it reminds him something, also. Well, this morning waking up i was thinking of listening to ‘Hotline Bling’ while my mind started singing ‘tell me why…..why can’t we live together’. Then the melody came on.

So here is the sample that Drake uses on ‘Hotline Bling’ and is so catchy that you want to dance to the rhythm. It’s that classic seventies song that had major success and a great cover from Sade back in the eighties. ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ by Timmy Thomas. Enjoy it loud, it puts you in the mood.