sam smith

So the Grammy winner would probably win next years’ Grammy for best song written for visual media. ‘Writing’s on the wall’ is a nice single but discussing with other radio presenters, music directors, A&R etc. nobody recognized it as a favorite among the songs that were created for promoting the Bond films. It is a nice song but the great pop tune of 2015 was just around the corner when he was featured at the ‘Omen’ by Disclosure. This is a pop tune that wasn’t given much airplay and when they started promoting, the Bond single was about to get released, and Omen couldn’t be played by everyone yet. Apparently the release dates should be reconsidered some times. We can’t release it all together and expect it all to become hits. Well the Bond film at least is getting great promotion this year. Let’s hope it’ll be worth watching like the previous.

Enjoy my choice for Sam Smith’s singles. This one has great bassline and a dance feel in it.