5 #New tunes you want to listen

5 itemsThere are many new releases at this time of year, because Christmas is ahead and it’s the best season to promote new music. November and December are considered to be the two months that music industry should work 120% so that new music arrives to the audience and sell. Don’t forget that buying a record or a cd (back in the day) was one of the greatest gifts for some people to receive or give. Exchanging music opinions that matter (or maybe not). Well, with streaming services gaining more attention than ever, it’s a bit harder to keep up with selling physical products, but hopefully there are many people who want to get the cd and read the leaflet, others that want that smell of new-cut vinyl in their hands. I could give more examples on this matter but i prefer you’d think one of yourself.

I’m not selling anything, but as a music junkie i’m constantly listening to new releases, trying to discover new tunes, artists that might be with us to the near future with music that interests us. Here are 5 tunes to listen to. From pop and alternative to deep house and r’n’b.

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