This is the band confirmed to play the Super Bowl half-time show this year. It’s the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl and it will take place on February 7th at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

They already put up some photos at their facebook page and everywhere on social media and blogs. Their new album is released today and what a better time to announce this great ‘historical’ moment on the band’s carreer. It’s a show watched by millions accross the globe, receiving each year all eyes on this huge production and advertising placement.

“We are so excited and honoured and thrilled to be playing the half-time show,” frontman Chris Martin said in a video. “It’s going to be wonderful and I hope we see you there. This is the greatest moment in our band’s life. We are going to give it everything we have.”

Still waiting to listen to their new album! ‘Ghost stories’ was amazing, hoping this one too.