One year ago i made the SEXtape with some of the sexiest tunes.

One year later (2016) i was trying to think what my first mixtape should be. Didn’t take long to decide that i wanted some of the greatest male voices in the mix, in the right order. I made SEXtape II , the right mix for you, if you are the kind of person that wants smooth vibes under the candlelight when you prepare a love & sex night with your partner.

On the cover you ‘ll read all the titles of the song , as in a poem:

‘It’s love and happiness my cherie amour. Maybe it’s breezin’ but I know but it’s something that turns you on love of my life. Feel my love inside with this love serenade. Let’s get consensual. Back at one on the secret garden. Let’s get sexual. Turn off the lights, let body language talk. Close the door, feel the body heat breakfast can wait. If only for one night, I want you … so tenderly.’

sextape ii 2