#TheLifeOfPablo Is this the worst Kanye West album ever?


Kanye West

Where’s the music? I just listened to the last attempt for Kanye West to make music. Apart from ‘Wolves’ and ‘Fade’ there’s nothing else here. I realize that Kanye tells a lot of stuff in his lyrics but listening to ‘The Life Of Pablo’ the biggest emotion that rises is hate. Most lyrics here are a pack of shit. And if you listen from a different prespective, like the comedy/fun genre, again it’s not fitting. If Kanye hates himself for what he’s become, a puppet to the hands of the million dollars deals, there’s no reason for us to be a part of it.

Music is a form of notes. There’s nothing here. Just poor rhymes, some nice loops and that’s it. The problem with the music industry is that they want to change the music scene by adding and promoting releases like this one, a bit meaningless but with lots of cash in the end.

The gospel quires, some great female vocals added, the collaboration with Rihanna etc. don’t deliver quality highlights on this album.


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