James Blake released his third album tiltled “The Colour In Anything”, more than a month ago. It opens up with the track ‘Radio Silence’ that was recently presented live at ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ show.

(from wikipedia): Blake reportedly “explored sitting at the piano and singing a lot more” during the album’s conception, and developed a desire “to work with other people on my own projects” in an attempt to relinquish some control over his own work. Discussing the tone of the album in contrast to his previous work, he stated that “I realized that [when it comes to making music], it wasn’t important whether I was happy or sad—it’s about sensitivity and your reaction to the world. I wouldn’t want to be one of those artists that keeps themselves in a perpetual cycle of anxiety and depression just to extract music from that.”

Enjoy the tune that got stuck on our mind this week, with the repetition of the lyrics:

“I can’t believe this, you don’t wanna see me
There’s a radio silence going on
I don’t know how you feel”