Woke up this morning and decided to watch the new too-much-advertised Kanye West video for his latest single ‘Fade’.

– This is the best song on his latest album ‘The life of Pablo’ (i am not thinking of it now, it was on my mind from the very beggining i listened to his album- that i thought was crap- but had some great moments on it… also maybe it’s the sample used on ‘Fade’ from the house anthem ‘Deep Inside’ and the great ‘I get Lifted’ tune from Barbara Tucker)
OMG! Look at that ass! And those boobs! Who is that girl? (google search: Teyana Taylor is the answer – i watched an interview to see what’s she’s all about and she’s talking rubbish – OMG! Look at that ass!) 
– Is this a piece of art or should i just stick to the girl dancing in the gym and stop thinking of what kind of art it is.
– Reading some comments from other blogs on the video, i remembered that the same photographer from some classic Grace Jones pics, did the photoshoot on the Kim K when she was pouring champagne on her big ass. He is the iconic Jean-Paul Goude and he might be the inspiration on this new Kanye video. Also there are some references on the intro of the classic Spike Lee movie
 ‘Do The Right Thing’ , with Rosie Perez (from my youth years stuck on my mind dancing on the opening titles) having the best time of her life. You can watch her here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U35MvblI4og
– OMG! Look at that ass! I guess there’s going to be too much workout on the gym this year #not
– Kanye’s 
marketing team works really good. 

Here are the results on the ‘Fade’ video clip.