The Avalanches released their so-much-anticipated album after 15 years called ‘Wildflower’! Their second single after ‘Frankie Sinatra’, is ‘Subways’ , a disco-rhythm tune , that while listening to it,  you want to open the closet, find your old roller skates and run to the dancefloor immediately. It takes you back in time with a chill-disco tempo and a great sample taken from 80’s. The original voice belongs to Chandra, a teenage group that has recorded and released their ‘Transportation EP’  (in 1980), considered to be a lost-classic from back in the day (you can listen to it on the link below).

The animated video for ‘Subways’ is directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau and it’s so colourful, so old-school, so great (depends on the way you’re watching it) putting you straight into the Avalanches world, full of samples, rhythm, you might say a bit of a psychedelic, spiritual, transfering to you feelings, sensations and images that seem real enough  (imagine that you had just taken LSD and wanna dive into its world).

Enjoy the tune of the week from The Avalanches. It’s great to have them back with their sound!

The sample used is taken from: