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The #TuneOfTheWeek is on Fire! We got ‘Everything Now’


It seems that the indie-rock bands love the groove and the new releases prove it! Arcade Fire are back with a disco-driven tune, with Abba-reminisce strings, with a groove that you can dance and slide over, a great choir and some lyrics that we really adore. They talk about how real life and how people believe they have and enjoy everything, when in fact it’s a driven world we live in. I really love the part:

“Every song that I’ve ever heard
Is playing at the same time, it’s absurd
And it reminds me, we’ve got everything now
We turn the speakers up till they break
‘Cause every time you smile it’s a fake
Stop pretending, you’ve got… Everything now”

On May 31, the band released the lead single “Everything Now” from their fifth album, on 12″ vinyl, selling it at a merchandise stall at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona which they headlined. A day later, a mysterious live stream “Live From Death Valley” was launched and the band released a music video for the song, appearing to have been shot in Death Valley, California.

Turn the speakers up (as they say on the lyrics) and enjoy the tune of the week!

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‘Summer Girl’ is not another #TuneOfTheWeek It’s my summer tune!


When Jamiroquai dropped “Automaton”, i knew somehow it would play on repeat. But, this is not an album that has only one or two, or maybe three good singles. Each track is great! The whole feeling of the album is disco driven and sounds like it’s written on another era. Like it was put in a capsule or something! This kind of music seemed to extinguish from the scene lately, but apparently we are wrong! It was all in Jay Kay’s head and turned into lyrics and music. All singles, one by one, describes different feelings, every one has it’s own vibe that leads you to an era, reminder of disco music that got released late 70s or early 80s.

“Summer Girl” is one of the tracks that grows on you. You got to press replay once, twice and maybe more. Here i have to say, that music (in general) is a feeling and you have to let it grow. If the music and the lyrics are right, then the feeling gets bigger and better! And it doesn’t fade away, because… that’s what music is all about! Here’s my ultimate summer track so… turn the volume up & enjoy (…and dance!)


I know that Jamiroquai just released their third video from the album, for “Superfresh” which is one of the most uplifting tracks that you will find on “Automaton” and probably one of the first tracks that got stuck in my head! Enjoy that too… loud! It’s Superfresh!

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This is the ultimate #summer2017 club banger. #Cola is the #TuneOfTheWeek Turn The Volume Up!


When i first heard this tune, i put it on my ‘listen again’ list. And i did play it once more, and once more…. and by playing it again and again i figured out that this tune has such a house groove that if i listened to it on a club, i would drive myself crazy and my feet wouldn’t stop moving. Read below, what Defected Records write about ‘Cola’:

‘Cola’ had barely touched the ground when tastemakers’ ears were pricking up across the board. Having become a byword for quality house music, remaining at the #1 Beatport spot for over a month with their last record, the name CamelPhat and the cult status of the mysterious duo behind it become realised to their fullest with this track. Combining lush, saturated beats with Elderbrook’s crystalline voice which elevates and equalises, ‘Cola’ is an exquisitely sophisticated firecracker. Already snapped up by Danny Howard as his Hottest Record on Radio 1 and championed by the likes of MK, Solomun and Sam Divine, the track demonstrates the full strength of CamelPhat’s unique style and takes them into the upper echelons of today’s finest producers.

This is the Tune Of The Week … which i call the ultimate club banger for summer 2017. Turn the volume up and enjoy ‘Cola’ from Camelphat & Elderbrook.


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Midnight Summer Tales #mixtape


Midgnight Summer Tales
this is a mixtape that occured to me on a Sunday afternoon, while i was sipping my tequila on a hot summer day. I wanted to chill down the pace, wanted to put myself in a position to cool things down so i started digging my records and listening to much much music. Digging your music is always a therapy for the mind, body and soul. This is the outcome of this whole search, those tunes that i’d like to share with you for your chillin’ pleasure. Enjoy music, enjoy summer, enjoy a glass of tequila (or two!)


DJ Krush feat. Kazufumi Kodama – Day’s End
George Benson – Use Me
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Everytime I’m With You
Jamiroquai – Talullah
Bruno Mars – Our First Time
Simply Red – Night Nurse
Lisa Stansfield – In All The Right Places
Womack & Womack – Life’s Just a Ball Game
D’Angelo – Smooth
Cannonball Adderley – Dancing in the Dark
BeBe & CeCe Winans – Love of My Life
Will Downing – Fantasy (spending time with you)
Incognito – Something ‘Bout July
Simply Red – Come To My Aid
UB40 – Food for thought
Lenny Kravitz – Freedom Train
Alex Clare – Damn Your Eyes
George Benson – Breezin’
The Crusaders with Bill Withers – Soul Shadows
MFSB – My Mood
Alicia Keys – Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)
Sergio Mendes – Comin’ Home Baby
Grover Washington, Jr. – Making Love to You

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Why 30 years after its’ release, this is one of the best albums made


One of the greatest artists that started his promising career at the 80s is Terence Trent D’Arby. When “Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’Arby” was released in 1987, it blew our mind! I was only 11 years old and still remember that each and every song was heard on the radio non-stop, from almost each radio station (at the time available). The energy tha came out of him was like Wow! His voice is deep and at the time you could only make a comparison to the godfather James Brown himself. The funk, the soul, the rhythm, music, lyrics, composition, everything on this album sounds perfect! I listened to it, before i decided to write this article and i think that if it got released today, it would be so innovative for its’ sound. It is flawless from each and every aspect.

The album gained a Grammy award, Brit Award and it sold a million copies within the first three days of going on sale. That was huge!!!

But , the thing with Terence Trent D’Arby at the time, was that he sounded as big as Michael Jackson and Prince , who ruled the eighties with their releases. He was a new artist coming out as big as he could be and his live performances were also incomparable.

I don’t want to get into the gossip of the whole story of Terence Trent D’Arby, it’s the music that matters and the feeling it gives you while listening to it. You can check him out under the name Sananda Maitreya nowadays. He keeps releasing music, not under a huge label, but never stopped, never gave up what he’s doing best.


  1. “If You All Get to Heaven”
  2. “If You Let Me Stay”
  3. “Wishing Well”
  4. “I’ll Never Turn My Back on You (Father’s Words)”
  5. “Dance Little Sister”
  6. “Seven More Days”
  7. “Let’s Go Forward”
  8. “Rain” – 2:58
  9. “Sign Your Name”
  10. “As Yet Untitled”
  11. “Who’s Loving You”
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It’s never too late to become a #Believer Enjoy the #TuneOfTheWeek from Imagine Dragons


I keep listening to this single on repeat, since it was released a couple of months ago. Imagine Dragons release such energy with this song that makes you wanna scream. So, i thought it was about time to put it on the tune of the week section on my blog. ‘Believer‘ is probably the best rock song for the summer and maybe one of the greatest tunes of 2017. You can find it on the latest Imagine Dragons album titled ‘Evolve’. The music video was released on March 7, 2017 and stars Dolph Lundgren. It was directed by Matt Eastin.

 Turn the volume up & enjoy it loud!

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Jazz takes over the #TuneOfTheWeek with new music from Kamasi Washington #Truth


His first album was “The Epic” which was what the title says. Kamasi Washington is one of the greatest new artists in jazz music and if you haven’t listened to his debut album there’s a new EP coming out this summer, with the first release called ‘Truth’.

(a review from Pitchfork)

A young boy splashes his face, streams of water seep through his little fingers. A younger woman looks up at an older woman, her eyes beaming in admiration. Two men wrestle in a field, their arms locked gently within a ring of flower petals. The video for Kamasi Washington’s new single, “Truth,” unfolds much like the saxophonist’s strain of big band jazz: warm, enveloping, and communal. There’s a bright intimacy from which Washington’s music derives, and it always seems to land exactly at the right time. His exceptional 2015 debut album, The Epic, arrived at the height of racial tensions in America; songs like “The Rhythm Changes,” “Malcolm’s Theme” and “The Message” sought to pacify our collective angst.

“Truth” hits the same chord, even if the external factors have changed. Against a backdrop of “fake news,” chemical warfare and presidential missteps, Washington’s 13-minute opus thrives with gospel-infused power, resting alongside his previous work while occupying new sonic space. “Truth” is the first song from the musician’s forthcoming EP, Harmony of Difference, which he debuted at the Whitney Biennial earlier this year. Dubbed a six-movement suite, “Truth” is the record’s centerpiece, fusing elements of its five previous tracks into one composition. Beginning with a pensive melody, the song swells into a tidal wave of choral moans, saxophone squeals and volcanic drum fills. Like much of Washington’s previous work, “Truth” is incredibly opulent in its maximalist approach. The huge scale makes his music feel like a sacred offering in bleak times.

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Awesome groove! The #TuneOfTheWeek belongs to Goldlink. He’s back with a banger #Meditation


The first time 21-year-old GoldLink picked up a mic was only three years ago in his hometown and he has no intentions of putting it down. GoldLink’s sound is densely weighted with shimmering polyrhythmic sounds, constructed with formidable producers like Kaytranada, Lakim and Louie Lastic. His sound milks nostalgic cuts of 90s hip-hop and R&B and the area’s natural go-go heritage with transcending circadian drops of EDM and Afro-Caribbean drum patterns.

This is his latest offering from his recently released album “At What Cost”. His collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan and Kaytranada is a groovy-electronic-hip-hop tune with some afro beats all over it! This is the new sound that comes straight out of US and it’s pretty cool that artists are experimenting with new sounds combining different genres in music. This is the future!

Enjoy the tune of the week really loud and enjoy Spring!

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8 tunes for your #FeelGoodFriday feeling


So, let’s Feel Good… it’s Friday!

I managed to put some more Groove on my morning playlist , that i’m sharing with you today to make you feel good too. Enjoy the day and listen to the music. Those selections offer a unique sound to the listeners and an enjoyment within. They also make you wanna move your body, which is an exciting feeling too. Turn the volume up and enjoy life.

Raul Midon is an excellent musician and this one is my uplifting mood morning tune.

I bet that this collaboration between Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX , caught your attention. If not, have a listen it’s a great deep tune.

The beat, the mood, everything in this classic tune is timeless.

I liked this at first play. It’s slo mo , smooth, sexy . Love it!

Purple Disco Machine is one of the greatest remixers. He’s too busy lately releasing music and making great remixes. I bet this year, more people from the mainstream audience will get to know more of his music.

This is a classic disco groovy tune, delivered from Moby.

I think Gregory Porter is one of the greatest singers in this decade. The moment that Claptone remixed ‘Liquid Spirit’, was the moment i was looking for a great remix to play on my dj set, it was hard to find a proper one. And it worked out perfectly cause since the release i’ve been listening and playing this tune everywhere.

Boosty… nothing else to say. Watch out for the sample, it’s so 80s!

One of my favorite producers and DJs of the last decade is Duke Dumont. Catchy and groovy releases and every time one step ahead. The remix that Skream made on this No.1 club anthem ‘Need U 100%’ is iconic.

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Jamiroquai new video for Cloud 9 is here #newmusic


The long awaited album from Jamiroquai is planned for release on March 31st. We’re already addicted to ‘Automaton’ (read here)  and now we’re disco-filled with this classic Jay Kay groove on ‘Cloud 9’. It’s a song that may remind you so many other Jamiroquai tunes, but this disco bassline that drives you to the dancefloor immediately and puts some glitter on a night-out, is really what we need to listen to this Spring.

The video for ‘Cloud 9’ is here and it seems that Jay Kay pollished his Ferrari and took it for a ride. But during the ride, it’s this sexy woman who catches our attention. Monica Cruz (Penelope Cruz’s sister) stars on this video and i guess we’d all like to go out and dance to girls like this, in an empty bar somewhere! Probably if we get the Ferrari, we also get this cosmic girl 😉

Enjoy the song & video below.