When it’s #NewMusicFriday there’s more listening pleasure / Turn The Volume Up!



Getting closer to 2017 there are so many releases to listen to! Big artists, great comeback albums, new acts, dance music, rock, drum’n’bass (this is definitely a genre that is Huge! again and we’ll get to listen more of it next year) and many many more music acts.

This week i’d like to present to you new singles from The Rolling Stones (Blues is back for sure now!), Robbie Williams (we like his classic pop style), Alex Clare (it’s been a long time, we want the man to return to the top), Mura Masa (always a pleasure to listen to new sounds from one of the most talented producers in UK), The XX (yeah… that’s a tune!), Neiked (for sexual pop music). I wouldn’t miss those new-oldschool vibes that take you straight on the dancefloor reminding you that drum’n’bass is always there when you need some more rhythm in your life. Sub Focus, Dimension and Rudimental (remixing Rag’N’Bone ‘Human’) are here. So, turn the volume up & enjoy New Music Friday!



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