Alex Clare is Back! New album and new single. ‘Tell Me What You Need’ is the #TuneOfTheWeek


Alexander George “Alex” Clare (born 14 September 1985) is a British singer and songwriter. Clare adopted his current stage name, Alex Clare, in 2010, replacing Alexander G. Muertos, a pseudonym he first used whilst still at school. (from wikipedia)

His first huge success came in 2011 when he released “Too Close” and had a Top 5 hit single in US, UK and many more countries worldwide. His first album “The Lateness Of The Hour” was a debut masterpiece for Clare, but that didn’t seem to happen on his second release with “Three Hearts”.

Now, the album we’ve been waiting to listen to is released. “Tale Of Lions” is the third release for the British musician, singer & songwriter and the first single “Tell Me What You Need” is an immidiate classic tune. Great vocals, great production and moreover great clips on youtube to promote it. It’s the most effective way to put out some more live clips from the tune, so people can listen to what you’re actually recording.

“Tell Me What You Need” is the Tune Of The Week and you just have to press Play on the links below and turn the volume up to enjoy the return of Alex Clare.

This is the stripped back, live version, with no beats and more aetherial on the background.

This is the guitar (unplugged) version of the song.


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