This is the 1st #TuneOfTheWeek for 2017 – Listen to Oh Wonder “All We Do”


Oh Wonder are a London-based alt-pop duo, consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West.

They released their self-titled first album in 2015 . It’s full of amazing tunes, have a listen to it and discover this great duo, who are at the studio again, recording their second album. Discover Oh Wonder melodies and watch the uplifting video below, full of powerful messages, probably what humanity needs at the time. Quotes like ‘Being human is everything’ , ‘We can build new things, build a new future’ , ‘To be human is to know that we are not alone’ and many other messages go through this video, where people speak loud of what they think of humanity. Have a listen, have a watch on this one, it might touch your heart and soul like nothing else, in the first days of this new year and look out for Oh Wonder in the future.

Subsribe to my ‘I Am A Music Junkie’ blog and listen to the music.

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