This is personal. This is what this blog is all about. Moreover, the social activity is something that so few people know or realize. This is personal.

It is a journey in time, where the art of music is revealed. Through this art that others offer to the world, i reveal my thoughts, love, anger, opinion and many many more feelings that are inside my soul. This is personal and from the very beggining it was supposed to be like this. I don’t know if i’m good at conversations, cannot judge that. What i know is that i speak through music to all the people following here, this blog and my social networks.

I don’t do politics, don’t even like criticizing everything that happens. Many things happen nowadays or at least the blogs, newsrooms, tv stations, radio stations and the whole internet say so. We live in a world that is surrounded each and every minute from useless information. The worst scenario is that we get addicted to this useless info we’re receiving and as years go by, it is even harder to describe the true meaning of all those things.

So i choose Art. Better said, the Art of Music.  Music through the decades is revealing and transfering much information, though people don’t really get it. If you get stuck into pop music alone, then you’re definitely screwed. We should broaden our mind, pay more attention to the lyrics, listen closely to the music played. Those are nice stories, many of them real! It takes time to do all this and i know that in the world we live in, time is so precious. But i prefer to do that exact thing and share it with the whole world. Sharing music with an audience (wherever it may be, or wherever you can find them) is the best thing in life for me. It’s a soul desire to share with everyone, it’s feelings written all over.

Why am i writing this article? Because the few people that are going to pay some attention and read this, will realize who i am, what i do. It is better to try, than to not try at all. At least… it feels like i’m sharing something with you each and every time. Which is not only the music, the titles, the artists, it is the whole thing. It ‘s the conversation that i’m trying to start with the people. That is the way i speak to the world. Through music. Not many realize this , but now you know.

Apart from all the information collected and revealed because of my proffessional point of view, there is always a way to speak to you.

Thank you all those years for being here, i will do my best to keep delivering all that inner me and always keep trying to do it with the best tunes i discover, listen to or dig from the past. Listen to the music. Don’t let it just pass by or be a part of a night out.

Thank you…