When ‘See you again’ dropped from the Furious soundtrack, nobody really knew the kind of success that would follow. Charlie Puth is a 25 year old singer and songwriter that delivers pop catchy tunes like ‘Marvin Gaye’ , ‘One Call Away’ and ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, when he is not writing for other artists. Now, he is a about to release his second album and the first single came out almost 3 weeks ago.

‘Attention’ is a catchy pop tune that you could listen on the radio all day and night, it’s got a great hook and bassline and as Charlie said in one of his interviews, it’s about a girl that he met and realized that he couldn’t get her home, she just wanted someone to play with, just needed his attention. So here it is… Probably on all playlists till summer and one of the greatest pop tracks released till now. Turn the volume up for the tune of the week (ain’t that sweet!!! haha)