When Jamiroquai dropped “Automaton”, i knew somehow it would play on repeat. But, this is not an album that has only one or two, or maybe three good singles. Each track is great! The whole feeling of the album is disco driven and sounds like it’s written on another era. Like it was put in a capsule or something! This kind of music seemed to extinguish from the scene lately, but apparently we are wrong! It was all in Jay Kay’s head and turned into lyrics and music. All singles, one by one, describes different feelings, every one has it’s own vibe that leads you to an era, reminder of disco music that got released late 70s or early 80s.

“Summer Girl” is one of the tracks that grows on you. You got to press replay once, twice and maybe more. Here i have to say, that music (in general) is a feeling and you have to let it grow. If the music and the lyrics are right, then the feeling gets bigger and better! And it doesn’t fade away, because… that’s what music is all about! Here’s my ultimate summer track so… turn the volume up & enjoy (…and dance!)

I know that Jamiroquai just released their third video from the album, for “Superfresh” which is one of the most uplifting tracks that you will find on “Automaton” and probably one of the first tracks that got stuck in my head! Enjoy that too… loud! It’s Superfresh!